To Fly in Legion

Narrator: Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to soar higher than any plane!

To Fly in Legion

Help me out here.

Like many, I am pointed like an arrow to get flying. With the Assaults beginning today (get the quest first at Deliverance Point), we can see the reward on the horizon.

I surely won’t be the first, I’ll lag behind many in getting the needed Achievements but I’ll get there. We all want to fly.

In anticipation, I want to make my To Do List when I can fly.

Take a World Tour
The Flight Paths show some beautiful scenery, like the waterfall into High Mountain. I plan on turning on the music and turning down my lights and then exploring and appreciating the art work.

Do Some Flips
When flying, my Ins key and my Del key let me do some loops. What better way to express some joy in flying thant celebrating in Dalaran? As a side note: I kind of wish they’d not let flying happen in Dalaran, its a busy place already.

Gather Fjarnskaggl
I’ve done my share of herbing. The ups and downs of this zone are a drag. Flying in and picking an herb and moving on will feel great. Please, let this be fantastic.

Treasure Hunting
At Friendly, you can buy Treasure Maps for each zone. Or use an Addon. Most of these will be trivial but I’ve been burned too many times looking low when it is really at the top of the pillar.

Be a Taxi
I know Druids can give rides. I don’t know if it has to be my Class Mount weeks and weeks from now or; can it happen on my Travel Form? We’ll see. Taking a friend to go adventuring is always fun.

Poke Around in Odd Places
You know and I know that the zones were designed to have (eventually) flying. I have seen so many cools things and terrific surprises on the ground. We know there will be some strange odd bits in hard to reach places. Lets go find them!

So, help me out here. What other things can I look to when we have flying in Legion?

2 thoughts on “To Fly in Legion

  1. 1. I go for travel and sights. Majestic screenshots. I remember myself picturing Blackrock Foundry and Shattrath from the air in the very first day I got wings, it was amazing. And we also have this ink potion too!

    2. Treasures and rares! I need these exploration achievements, and I deliberately put them off until flights.

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