Patch 7.2: Home Run!

“Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.”
Satchel Paige

Patch 7.2: Home Run

With all of the qualifiers, “so far” patch 7.2 is a blast. I am astonished at how much has gone into this patch. Everywhere I go, I see new little things that have been added, maybe an updated graphic on a toy or a new scary bird sitting on a fence post.

Many visuals have been updated, some I don’t like but I’ll get used to them. Sneaky things like when you Tailor the daily cooldown for future Hexweave Bags, you no longer get a parallel Volatile Earth (I think it is). I’m glad I have an Alchemist!

I almost wish I was leveling a new character with these old WoW eyes. The designers have done a superb job.

I’ve done one of the Assaults. They stay up for five hours. It is a trip to see our zones completely invaded by demons. Everywhere! It took me about an hour to complete the entire sequence; not to grindy, not too quick and easy. Since I’ll only do one zone once each, I thought it was about perfect.

The Assaults and the new Broken Shore zone are clean. You are only going to get Nethershards and Reputation and Supplies. One is not being lured into some prayed-for random super drop or grinding hundreds of tokens for gear pieces. The Nethershards can be used for some high-end gear if you want. Or, spend it on toys. There are not that many quests and with the goblin glider and the flight point whistle, these are easy and fun. Done and done.

The Mage Tower AP bonus is sweet. We ran Normal Nighthold and I felt that they were generous with the extra AP drops. As of this moment, I am halfway on my bar to getting my Golden Trait which, after that, is merely bits and pieces. So the timing is ideal to have the Mage Tower when we do.

It is planned very well. It is executed even better. I have this hankering to try to “get ahead” on the rep for flying, but we know that it’ll all be tied up like a present.

My question is: has patch 7.2 been front-loaded with a ton of cool stuff like Assaults or will there still be more and more and more? The Order Hall things, for sure and our upcoming raid in the Tomb of Sargeras.

Bring on another Assault! I’m ready, it is fun.

One thought on “Patch 7.2: Home Run!

  1. The assaults are 6 hours. As of this morning they were removed as a requirement for flying. And I don’t think it’s because people were complaining. Except for the valid complaints that the times of spawning were bad for people that work or were in school. Some people had issues with the last phase of a scenario being bugged and having to do it all over again, people going solo had long queue’s. I personally thought it would take me two weeks or more given the times. 4 assaults every 3 days. Last night I was on for about 2 hours and there was no assault. I would guess there will be one tonight. I hope not in the zone I have done. I like the added grapple hooks. That will save some riding.

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