Ding: ilevel 900

Sinestro: “A sword. How human…”
Green Lantern

Ding: ilevel 900

In a Titanforged/Warforged world, getting to any gear ilevel can’t be considered meaningful. Things can randomly roll up if you are lucky. Still, it is a noticable milestone: 900.

Ding: Trait 42
I am surprised that it all came so quickly. The Patch Drop doesn’t seem very long ago and Artifact Power is raining down on us, especially with the Mage Tower up. Surely that is the design. The 42nd Trait is the “golden” trait, Deeply Rooted. I dinged up this morning so I have no idea if I am POWERFUL or just another healer smacking keys.

Anything But Farming
C’mon flying! It is now a pure and sure Rep grind gated by the number of available quests in the Broken Shore. I’d hate to be a smelly Human, but they do get the 10% rep racial buff. Since one can not grind really, my DMF Top Hats are merely okay. I use them for sure on the Assaults.

The Piping Plumbers
I’ve had plumbers in my place now for several days. Hopefully today will be the last day. It means that I am kind of locked into staying home which means I play WoW on the fringes as I make myself available but out of the way.

No hurry, no grind, no way.


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