Next Up: Nether Disruptor

“My hair was slicked down with a part. But that was before I discovered the blow-dryer. Now I’m fabulous.”
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Next Up: Nether Disruptor

Currently on the North America realms, we are at 87% complete. This new building will likely go up sometime this weekend and stay up for three days.

Of interest are the new World Bosses:
Apocron who drops ilevel 900 gear, for a Resto-Druid I see three pieces: a relic, a ring and boots. all very welcome.
Brutallus who drops ilevel 900 gear. Again, my table is three pieces: a necklace, shoulders and hands.
Malificus who drops even more ilevel 900 gear. For my class it is: a head piece, back and legs (all threatening my tier set).

Wowhead does not seem to be up-to-date. Visit your Adventure Guide; Raids; Broken Isles: to see your own loot table so that you can plan!

This new building also offers:
Fate Smiles Upon You
If you fail your bonus roll on the Broken Isles, there is a chance you will have your Seal of Broken Fate refunded.

So, why not go for the bonus roll on something you want? For my situation, it will surely be Apocron. However, I have three other Alts at 110 who will run over for their chances too.

Timing out perfect, the Timewalking weekly is up this week which rewards: an extra bonus roll token!

2 thoughts on “Next Up: Nether Disruptor

  1. I’m sitting on 5 tokens at the moment. If it goes up Sunday, that may keep it in place until after reset so double chances on all 3 bosses. I’m sure it will be a nightmare fight, and I will probably die. Mostly I am hoping for rep, because driving around the island for world quests is getting old.

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