Grounded for Life

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John Steinbeck

Grounded for Life

Congratulations to AnninWonderland in Azeroth who is now flying!

I am not there yet, I have about 2000 rep to go. I expect sometime later this week. As my Guild Master says, “it’ll happen”. My friend with the Human 10% rep buff is only 300 away.

Friendly is 6000 rep and Honored is 12000 rep. So, broadly generalized, a week for the first and two weeks for the second. Everyone will get it, if they are trying at all, within the next few weeks and all anxiety is forgotten. The Command Center gives some nice buffs so even if you feel a little wimpy, you can go solo some World Quests on the Broken Shore.

And … I have zero need of gear from the Nethershard vendor so I’m saving up for the toys and the buff shard thing. It feels, to me, like all the Demons and Spaceship stuff is for grinding Nethershards. Awesome for gearing up but, later, the vendors don’t have a lot to offer?

I hope player interest remains high for Spaceship Demon farming for my future Alts. I also wonder if they’ll be nerfing or boosting us, as is common, for finishing Nighthold and leading into the Tomb of Sargeras. Or maybe the Nethershard vendor IS the boost?

My question becomes: why return to the Broken Shore?

I guess the grind to Exalted is one thing. There is certainly the Fun Factor, I like jumping on an Elemental or a Subdued Murloc and laying terror upon the land.

Reset tomorrow: look for your Class Hall to have some quests to get another follower.


5 thoughts on “Grounded for Life

  1. I only have 11000 to go! The green fel fire chokes my crappy computer so I spend as little time as possible on the Broken Shore. I’ll get there soon enough and then I can get back to work leveling alts.

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  2. Thanks! 🙂
    I also wondered how long will the Nethershard vendor stay relevant. Maybe they expect us to keep buying the tokens with hope of gertting it titanforged? That doesn’t interested me but maybe those who want the best gear possible will try.


  3. Many of my raider friends are buying the 5000 nethershard trinket to try to get an 880+ Unstable Arcanocrystal. One of them got an 885 + avoidance one.

    Getting the toys and utility items seems much more fun, though. Myself, I will likely get the 500 reusable flask then keep going for trinket rerolls, at least until Tomb of Sargeras is out.

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