Our Legion: New Stuff

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”
George Carlin

Our Legion: New Stuff

Wowhead reports that the new Class Order Hall campaign is live on the EU realms. There might be a little jealousy on my part, this will be some welcome new content and storyline and rewards.

Wowhead even has a list of the Druid Campaign Quests. I didn’t spoil anything beyond counting that there are fifteen quests! Very exciting.

There are a lot of “how to” questions and I don’t know if I can do the entire questline today. I hope it is obvious where to start but thanks to Wowhead, I know to go looking for the bread crumbs to follow. And, I hope that I can finish it.

I “prepped” on this new follower by doing some gear missions but that is all I could do until they give us the content to play. Sometimes I wish that Blizzard would take their foot off the gas pedal and let us breath but not in this case!

We, as players, need this stuff. It fills out our experience.

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