Flying: To Done List

“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.”
Amelia Earhart

Flying: To Done List

I got flying on Tuesday! The new follower quest line put me over the top and I happily flew away.

The things that you’d expect are surely there; easily found treasure chests, for example. The landscape is beautiful and hopping over all the “stuff” to get to a World Quest or World Boss is satisfying.

I use an addon called Titanbar and have used it forever. It keeps track of durability and my realm-wide gold and gives me coordinates. A new module that I’m using is for speed. It will tell me how fast I am running or flying.

The flight paths are faster than your own flying, by far. The speed changes since it is designed for us to enjoy the flight but it can often double if not triple your own flying speed. It is often, very often, better to use your bird whistle after a quest and then use a flight path to the next nearby goal.

I had specifically set aside the Insurrection quests after the first couple of chapters until I could get flying. I finished this book last night and it was great; the choices in the story were compelling. The thing that really impressed me was that I was a Druid.

My guild master suggested that this might be the Druid expansion because we’ve gotten so much love. Our ground Travel Form is as fast as anyone else who is mounted on a ride, coupled with insta-cast: being a Druid is great.

What I loved were the “free the prisoners” or “pick up the papers” quests. I could do these things, while surrounded by bad guys in flight form. And then just fly away. It has only been less that a week but I have yet to be yanked out of flight form or stunned so bad that I could not fly away.

Once our 11 week Order Hall business is done, we will get our class mounts. We have been promised that we can carry another player; like we do on the Sandstone Drake. I hope that me and my partner both can “free the prisoners” and pick herbs while staying mounted in Legion.

Fun stuff, well designed, satisfied player.

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