Patch 7.2 Artifact Challenges

“All this is only for the mice and myself to admire!”
Catherine the Great

Patch 7.2 Artifact Challenges

The data has been released:

  • 15.2 Million Challenge Attempts
  • 135 Thousand Victorious Characters
  • 837 Succeeded on their first try
  • 32 Average Attempts to Succeed

Well now, let us take a look at this thing.

First of all, it is a mini-game like Plants vs Zombies or Pet Battles.

It might look a little like the WoW MMO that you play but it is not. It is a designed encounter for a single-player that moves forward in stages. It is very cool that it is designed for your class to play the mini-game.

You learn your moves by repetition.
An average of 32 attempts suggests that you play until you fail and put in the proverbial next quarter in the arcade until you get past that hurdle and need to learn the next hurdle.

Around Five Percent have been winners.
Better than lottery numbers but like any lottery in your state or country, those winners must be touted: hence the release of these figures.

You can flip it and say that there is a 95% chance of failure. With all due respect, is that a good thing?

The First Attempt Succeeders probably used a guide.
Yes, there are super-players out there in really good gear and some of those guys did the challenge and won. Still, guides began coming out on Day One on sites like MMO Champions.

It will get easier but not a lot easier.
Some of the challenge is survivability, meaning you have to survive an attack and react (in some way) to it. With greater gear, we’ll have another second or two to react to the attack but still have to respond properly.

Assumption: I think these numbers, which came out this week, must be from the first three days of the Mage Tower. Those 15 million attempts and wins must be from fairly hard-core players who had the time and desire to win the challenge.

My number of attempts: one.

I died within 20 seconds, I think I was getting pwned by a caster who somehow appeared behind me and was not in the focus group in front of me. Cool. I had the urge to try and try again but decided to wait until: I have much better gear, I have a lot of stock-piled Nethershards (the virtual quarter) and the time to try 32 times in a row.

One thought on “Patch 7.2 Artifact Challenges

  1. Oh. It’s less than 1%. And that is not looking at how many completed it on a few well geared characters.

    For Shadowpriests, what I have read it minimum 905 gear, and a specific Legendary to even have a chance. I tried once. The dialog lasted longer. I won’t be back for an appearance. But the fact the quest is orange and part of the story advancement makes me a bit mad.

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