Legion: As It Should Be

“I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on.”
Josephine Baker

Legion: As It Should Be

Patch 7.2 and also Flying has really opened up the game and some long-planned pieces are falling into place. I am talking about the March of the Profession Alts.

My Main is now ilevel 902 and feeling strong and confident in raids and in the world. This character dinged 800 in Engineering and has the desired Blingtron 6000. Also, there are stacks of Lavish Raid Feasts in my bags and in our Raid Tab. Flasks and Potions are well-stocked for the future.

I am incredibly content and happy right now.

Our raid team hit a wall about a month ago. We did the first three (on Heroic) easily, learned the Dock fight so that it is on farm and then failed on the Spellblade guy, the Tich guy and the Botanist. We settled on the Botanist to work on and failed for three weeks in a row. Last night we finally downed the Botanist after many wipes and then, promptly, one-shot the Spellblade, Tich and the Star Augur!

My Alt Alchemist has been 800 for a very long time. Only now needing Revered (so close now) with the Nightfallen to get the Rank 2 of Potion of Prolonged Power. I’ve 75 Bloods ready for working on Rank 3 and then this toon is a factory in Dalaran.

Also, my Alchemist is cranking out Draenic Potions of Invisibility to sell on the AH. It is common for a stack of ten to sell for 500g (someone will buy out the AH). So, gold is rolling until I flood the AH because I’m not great at that kind of thing.

My Alt Inscriptionist made enough Vantus Runes (Tich) for our whole raid team! That is going well, I see under “unlearned” that I need to learn Vantus Runes for Tomb of Sargeras — does that mean they will work for the entire raid and not just single bosses?

My Alt Enchanter is next. At a mere level 104, I can fly and level pretty quick: I think. I’ll be wanting those World Quests to DE the higher-than-green gear. Along with the grind will be trips into dungeons and raids, which I am not looking forward to doing.

So far, I don’t see any need (in support of my Main) for Blacksmithing or Tailoring or Leatherworking. I do have a Skinner/Leatherworker at level 103 right now; in the starting gate so to speak. The desired focus was on the professions for consumables like enchants and pots.

The March of the Profession Alts continues, passing milestones along the way. And the funny thing is: since 7.2 has dropped, I have not done any farming or fishing! Crazy, no?


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