Rotating Buildings

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Rotating Buildings

I wonder how long this “building the buildings” thing is going to go on. Will they keep it through 7.3? Will it die a slow death or get nerfed or simply turned off?

My hearth is set to the Broken Shore now at Deliverance Point. Next to the Innkeeper is a very good dog. If you pet him, it channels and is adorable. Doing the quests is fun and “risky challengy” and mostly in and out as well. No complaints though I might have a Nethershard gambling problem! Those treasure chests are tempting — clearly I need to shuffle all of my Alts over for when it is a cheaper World Quest.

Psychologically, it was interesting that once I got flying, I completely relaxed. I don’t see any pressing reason to press for anything. No hurry, no urgency; even though the quest givers all say hurry, hurry, hurry.

One would think that the Buff From The Building would be a motivator to shift to those rewards but with the buildings rotating so quickly (right now) I do want I want to do and then chill. This would be an okay time to take a break before 7.2.5, I think.

Today is a lazy day, I think I’ll go find that Riddler mount everyone has be sporting about Dalaran.


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