Thisalee and Me

“All I need is room enough to lay a hat and a few friends.”
Dorothy Parker

Thisalee and Me

The new Druid follower/ally is Thisalee Crow.

Now, I’m a Broll Bearmantle kind of guy. I have always run in Resto with a Balance Affinity so I like having that tank for a bodyguard.

One can hear about Nature’s Rage for only so long.

I decided to give Thisalee a try. I enjoyed the new commentary a lot. The other thing is that Thisalee has a buff for me and it changes with which shapeshift that I am in. For example, if I am in tree-form then I get a 10% haste buff! When I am on the run, I get a speed buff.

These buffs are pretty handy though I’ve not seen much mentioned about them on the forums or from other bloggers; though I might have simply missed it.

If you are playing a different class than Druid, does your new follower give out a nice buff too?



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