Crafted Legendaries

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Crafted Legendaries

They are new to 7.2. You can find the list here. And I am here to report that they are totally fun.

As you can see the from the list; Cloth gives a heal and a sneak, Leather and Mail gives an incredible speed boost and Plate gives a heal and an okay speed boost.

My Enchanting Hunter was at 104 or 105. I was sitting in a long cue for a specific dungeon and decided to check out the AH. The hunter legendary gloves were selling for just over 200,000 gold. On a whim, I bought them!

To be clear; I can fly, I’m a hunter with a turtle and I’m having zero problems moving right along. Also, to be clear, I can afford this from stockpiled gold in WoD.

It is all about the fun factor and I recommend it. The gear boost is okay, I guess. But, really, if you have considered it; consider it for fun game play.

Equip: Each time you kill an enemy, you gain 5% movement speed for 1 min, stacking up to 5 times. At 5 stacks, while you are out of combat you turn into a Spirit Owl, increasing your movement speed further and granting you the ability to fly.

Questing is crazy fun. The speed boost stacks and you zip right along, especially in the “fill the bar” special areas. The Spirit Owl is instant and whoosh, you are flying with no pause to mount.

And … you fly for freaking 45 seconds! In game time, that is a lot of time. One can whoosh up and return to the quest-giver and one can not help but laugh and laugh.

I’ll warn that it is very hard to stop and loot, even with Fetch. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

I’ll look forward to being 110 when my pet is stronger, the mobs die even faster and I am blazing through World Quests.

The Fun Factor is very high for these gloves. I wholly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Crafted Legendaries

  1. The Tailoring shoulders are, interesting to craft. Killing 300 humanoids on the island for special cloth, and I’m still suspicious of Naga being humanoid. The 8000 shards for one material, ok, a bit steep, but the spell threads. Ugggh. Killing Ellisadre in LFR, not too bad, but having to do Court of Stars and Arcway Mythic? There is a reason they cost $200,000. Lol

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