Ding 110: Enchanting

Some enchanted evening, someone may be laughing.
You may hear her laughing across a crowded room.

South Pacific

Ding 110: Enchanting

With flying comes profession Alts. Right?

My Enchanting Hunter whooshed up to 110 thanks to the Assaults. The player XP from doing those “on the ground” (you don’t do the scenario etc.) is very good.

Once you ding 110, everything opens up. It is a little over-whelming. I have my Hunter Campaign, Order Hall Campaign, Broken Shore Campaign and the Artifact Campaign all barely begun.

The first thing I did at 110 was get my AK up to 25, thanks to my main. Then I joined a group to kill the Weekly World Boss and got 750,000 Artifact Power; which was a far far cry from my prior 185 token drops. Watching my weapon ding along was fantastic.

The goal is to level Enchanting and then farm enough materials to be able to Enchant rings, cloaks and neck pieces.

To do that, I need to gear up enough to be allowed into the LFR and then out-gear the LFR so that I can DE the goods. That will be a long haul but a fun goal.

Flipping through my Alts is fun. Looking for the World Quests that drop Bloods of Sargeras or Felwort or Brinestone is satisfying.

The drag is that dungeon cues can be painfully long. Cuing for a specific dungeon to do a profession quest can set you aside for 45 minutes, locked on that sole character while you wait. And wait. Trying to maximize play-time yet folding in an hour buffer to get one quest done is stifling and dreary beyond belief.

Gearing up can be quick. Today, I got schooled on the Warden quests. I can’t solo those guys yet. In a week or two, I’ll not think twice about Emissary runs but for today I need to be (a little) cautious.

If you are an Altoholic who loves trying the Professions — once you have flying, get up and get going!

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