Brilliant Raid Leader

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”
Mae West

Brilliant Raid Leader

I don’t know how our Raid Leader does it. Somehow he works us through raids so that we achieve our goals at just about the right time. He never pushes us so hard that we finish and have nothing to do. Timing!

It takes a lot to hold a team together. The social aspect is important because it is not all about goals. We need players who have a personality and are willing to share it by holding down the Control key.

We are now only on Heroic and have downed every boss except the final guy, Gul’dan. In fact, we’ve only spent about two pulls on him. I’d expect this week that we’ll get him down.

I’m leveling an Inscriptionist. Last Sunday, two days ago, our raid team was facing Elisande for the first time and I had made Vantus Runes for everyone. Surely they help, especially when learning the fights. I’ll have another set for Gul’dan partially because there is nothing else to do with Inscription.

A lot of our raid team didn’t know about Vantus Runes. It gives Versatility and I think that is the perfect buffer when working on a new boss. For us, the Heroic versions have been challenging! … until they are on farm, lol.

Assuming Heroic Gul’dan next Sunday, we should get Ahead of the Curve and can relax a little bit. There will be a shift in attitude, partially cocky. We might start to see players wanting to swap in their Alts for a carry — which is fine with me.

If the Tomb of Sargeras is in June, then we’ll have four or six weeks still to run Nighthold to finish up our gearing and hopefully start to collect achievements. The raid teams who finished months ago, I don’t know what they do now; farming can only be fun for so long.

Kudos to our Raid Leader. I suppose I should tell him that I like what he does, huh.


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