Alt Gearing

“You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.”
Martha Graham

Alt Gearing

I dinged 110 a few days ago on my Hunter Enchanter.

On my prior profession Alts, it was a slow go to get “geared up”. Recognizing that what that means is weighed by the tasks of that Alt — mostly surviving World Quests. These Alts of mine show up to 110 very poorly geared, usually in 700 Invasion gear.

It is a whole new paradigm. 400 Nethershards will get you a piece of 850 gear. Having done the Assaults while leveling and then again at 110 (along with a few on the Broken Shore) — my new 110 Alt is ready for anything.

This new Alt is currently doing the one day(!) research to be able to wear the second Legendary in his bags.

Prior to this patch, it was an accepted step-by-step process. Gear from World Quests might get you a 820 piece. You’d slowly gain pieces until you could run Emerald Nightmare LFR. Then, eventually Nighthold LFR. By then you’d be strong enough to run those mythic dungeons required by the profession quests.

It can be tempting to keep going and going. It is fun to play. Leveling up a new class and quickly getting into the fray is how it should be designed. With this patch, that design is realized.

If you have wanted to try a new class or role, now is a good time.

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