Resto with the Times

“What time is it? Alright, y’all got 10 seconds
To get to the dance floor…and…squawk!”

The Bird by Morris Day and the Time

Resto with the Times

Tomb of Sargeras
Tomb will release sometime in mid to late June.

Our raid team will likely down Heroic Gul’dan tonight. If not, then next week. We have the punch, it will be about learning the fight and … communicating!

With that, we know that we’ll have six to eight weeks of Nighthold and likely on farm. Progression is one thing, throw out the numbers and try to survive. Farm is when you hone your skills and play at topping the charts.

For tonight’s raid, I’m going to be daring and try my new legendary, Aman’Thul’s Wisdom. Along with Velen’s trinket, we begin to wonder when we’ll get a third Legendary slot.

One reason for this is that if you go with a Legendary ring, you are taking a loss on your primary stat and Legendary pieces that are not rings and necks are loaded with yummy stats. Choosing a Legendary ring over another piece means a primary stat loss.

The other reason is that I’ve done my homework. I’m not a math guy but I can read theory-crafters and appreciate them.

From Questionably Epic:

Aman’Thul’s Wisdom. BUFFED.

  • Where to begin. The shoulders have become somewhat of a meme the past few months with the previous clunky design making them a legendary booby prize. The new iteration are much nicer to use.
  • Aman’thul’s has a fantastic interaction with our T19 four piece bonus and is currently sourcing much of its strength from it. A full write up, written by Bastas, can be found here. It also contains information on the Shoulders interaction with Haste.
  • Aman’thul’s is currently a top tier Nighthold legendary, but will get hit hard by the loss of the T19 four piece bonus as we move deep into ToS (where it will be competing with the ability to wear multiple tier sets).

The “here” in the second bullet is this theory-crafting article.

Change can be hard. Trying new things like changing a Legendary or changing Talents can make you worry that you’ll fail your group — still, it keeps the game interesting and vibrant.

Finally, I think it is time to lift the restriction on Talent swapping in a raid or dungeon. Spring Blossoms favors stacking fights like Gul’dan but punishes fights like Elisande. That is bogus! Let us get into a groove where we can play optimal always and let that be the reflection of our skill and knowledge of the next fight and the next.

Finally again, I have spent five traits, two relics and a talent on Effloresence. That is a big investment. If you are standing next to, but not in my healing circle — you are no friend of mine.

4 thoughts on “Resto with the Times

  1. Omg Grats on Velens + Aman’thuls. That is one of the strongest combo of legendaries we can wear. Pouring over all the logs of druids above me I see so many running that combo and I am incredibly impatient to get my hands on both of them to try. I have exactly 2 resto legendaries to collect and I can’t believe it’s come down to those specific two being the last ones.

    Good luck for Gul’dan!

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  2. I was annoyed by inability to talent swap at will as we had in past expansions. Then I bought 100 tome of the clear mind ( and used them whenever I wanted to talent swap. I know you have the gold – you prepare feasts/food for your raid. Buy the tomes, forget about the cost, and use them whenever you like :-).

    *If you want your raid members to use the right talents, is an option.

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