Follower Equipment Strategy

“Every kiss, every hug seems to
Act just like a drug
You’re getting to be a habit with me”

Lyrics by Al Dubin (1932)

Follower Equipment Strategy

Leading into 7.2, we knew that we’d need 25,000 Order Hall Resources. Now that are we past that, I see my Order Resources ballooning up; currently around 82,000. Because I am free of the burden of gathering, I can freely chain as many missions as I want to run.

Also, with 7.2, we can level our followers up to Titled which opens a third equipment slot and, with luck, a Legendary piece in one of those slots. Plus, new flavors of equipment came with the new patch.

I found a great listing of Legendary Equipment on Wowhead in the comments section with tables and stuff. It can be found here! Good work.

I am happy with my Bodyguard. I have a legendary which gives me 100 resources and 50 gold per World Quest. A piece with grants 50 gold and another which gives 20 gold. So, 120 gold reward per World Quest. This is great. Even my Hunter who has no need for a Bodyguard can’t resist the rewards.

What I am dwelling on is the Mission Runners. They are dinging up in Rep into the Titled third slot and it is time to think about which pieces we are putting into those slots.

Time vs Success

In general, there are two kinds of equipment tokens. One will increase your chance of success and the other will speed up the length of the mission. There is no clear choice of which is better: especially if you are using the App.

My choice is to stack success. Whether it is with Archers or Treants or a flat percentage boost, my goal is to push up into the Bonus and double my rewards. Not all missions have a chance of a bonus, like dungeon quests but the bulk of your missions seem to be for rewards of Rep, Artifact Power, Gold, Legionfall tokens and more which can all benefit from the Bonus chance.

If you don’t use the App, success might be the way to go. The mild hassle is refreshing your Archers or Treants which takes 30 minutes after exhaustion.

Or, just mix and match — odds are that you can’t do it wrong.

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