Artifact Power on Farm

“Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.”
B. F. Skinner

Artifact Power on Farm

A friend in my guild is also on the Into The Nighthold quest and collecting Nightshards. Since we ran up to Gul’dan on Heroic, we decided to farm the Nightshards using the pug finder and join a Nighthold Normal group.

Three other guildies were on Discord and wanted to come along for the fun, so five of us “group joined” if that is a phase.

Looking at the Premade Groups Tab for Raids-Legion, I was astonished that players are running raids to farm Artifact Power. From my brief experience, you get 2.5 million AP tokens per boss kill. A welcome bonus but players are farming.

I saw one group announcing EN normal, then EN heroic, then ToV normal, then ToV heroic and finally Nighthold normal. Over-geared players face-rolling through content to get their AP tokens. Amazing, no? Not for me … but maybe.

Pro Tip
The group we joined started with Elisande and Gul’dan. Then went back to the first boss. The reason for this is that all the trash mobs are now gone. It speeds the run up a lot. There was some unspoken understanding that once Botanist and Spellblade were the last two that the group would disband. It is all about speed and ease and farming.

It is tempting to push to get your Artifact weapon up to Concordance. But, for me, I think I’ll arrive just fine when I do. Still, if you feel the need to farm AP, start with Elisande!

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