Legion 2.0

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
Bertrand Russell

Legion 2.0

Going into Legion, nine months ago, we heard again and again from the Devs, “we get it” and “we hear you”. And they did hear us, the content has been steady and strong.

I really like the details in Legion. I like the kids playing ball in High Mountain. I like chasing the fox for Foxflower. I thought Suramar with it’s masks to be amazing. It all adds up to a great expansion.

When we demanded flyng in WoD, the Devs created a list of criteria to get the flying. Rep, Loremaster, exploration, treasures and more. Flying was not planned for in WoD. It was planned for Legion and they transferred that, perhaps, hasty criteria for flying to Legion.

Now that we have flying, players look around and realize that they have done it all in the game. In general, many of the things you might stretch over a typical expansion like Rep and exploration has been condensed and completed.

Tomb of Sargeras comes out in mid to late June. We have a nice little breather to catch up on the loose ends like extra quests or treasures or achievements. I’m guessing that the Tomb raid will carry us to Blizzcon in October?

Patch 7.3 leads us to Argus. A whole new planet and I’d call it Legion 2.0. It should and could be like a whole new expansion. We know that we’ll raid on Argus. We don’t know if we can fly.

Could it be that Argus is as packed with content as the Broken Shores? Will we get a bunch of new dungeons, zones, rep, exploration, raids, pet battles, mounts, toys and good UI updates? We’ll learn in Blizzcon but expectations are for a two year expansion. If they hear us, can they sustain essentially a whole new delivery of sustained content?

I was selling stacks of Draenic Invisibilty Potions for 500g on the AH. The price has dropped to 80g. I wonder if the Mythic Plus guys are still playing — you can only beat the same dungeon so many times.

It would be quite a coup and would set a new standard for the World of Warcraft if they can create and sustain new content for a full expansion. The newer ideas like Mythic Plus must be given new challenges.

Historically we have sat in the final raid for about a year or the second half of an expansion with nothing. If they can break that habit, we can begin to ask, “how much time to you want without new content to finish an expansion”?

2 thoughts on “Legion 2.0

  1. I believe they said they were happy at 5 months for raids. Seeing so many people just getting Heroic Guldan down seems to show the timing is pretty good. I hope there is something new instead of just more Mythic + dungeons

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