My Resto Druid – Throughput

“Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.”
Katherine Hepburn

My Resto Druid – Throughput

I took advice from Raphael from Raid Advice and used my Nethershards to roll on a trinket. The trinket I got is 885 and called the Cruel Gladiator’s Accolade of Dominance. For stats it has 1794 in my primary, Intellect. It also serves up 1116 Critical Strike and 502 in a tertiary stat, Speed.

To be honest, his advice was to keep rolling on the trinket until you got the Withered Jim version at 880, the Unstable Arcanocrystal.

I also have the 885 version of the “Cake Trinket” and I am planning on using the Nethershard trinket instead of the Cake Trinket. This trinket offers 1116 Mastery and the awesome cake absorbs. Totally fun.

My thinking is that with the Cruel Gladiator trinket that I’ll increase my over-all throughput in healing because of the boost in Intellect and the constant boost in Critical Strike.

Ask Mr Robot tells me that the Cake is best-in-slot but other sites suggest the trinket from Withered Jim and even other trinkets. So, I’m in the ball park but on my own. Oddly, Icy Veins page for BiS on Resto Druid has no listing for BiS.

The Cake Drop is a powerful tool. Having used it quite a bit, I know my own tendancy is to hold it until it need it (Fel Bonds) or there is a very predictable in-coming damage. Which means that theory-crafting aside, my own use of it is not optimal — in raids, I love it for dungeons.

So, I hope I’ll do well tonight. I hope my through-put increases and that I do better and remember to Flourish. It will be Heroic Gul’dan. He is our only boss tonight and with the help of Elune, we will get our AOTC.

2 thoughts on “My Resto Druid – Throughput

  1. I hadn’t been thinking too much about the cake but comparing logs between me and the other resto druid I heal with, I was so suprised to see just how much healing it does that’s counted. On our Elis kill, his cake did 17m healing.. pure passive healing that I didn’t have any equivalent for.
    I’m kicking myself for not bonus rolling Trillax a few more times.

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