AOTC x 2

“Give a critic an inch, he’ll write a play.”
John Steinbeck

AOTC x 2

As hoped for, we got Heroic Gul’dan down last night for the first time. Since it is Finals Week in college, several of our players were not there. Phase Three is a tough phase and it took some practice and “don’t panic” from our Raid Leader.

We had plenty of time on our three hour committment to raiding so we went over to Helya and got the Ahead of the Curve on her and the tmog set. That fight is kinda crazy too but we over-powered it. In fact, we sort of did a strut on how strong we were. And that is a good feeling!

Our Shammy healer asked why I was “kicking his ass” in healing. Which really meant that on Recount that I’d have 20% of the healing and he’d have 19%. Typically it is the other way around. I explained that I was using a through-put trinket from the Nethershards. I think some of the raiders might look into that now.

I like our Raid Team. Many of us have been together for years. We use the same jokes over and over, if someone doesn’t answer the readycheck we say “get off the babysitter” or “he must be pooping”. If something outrageous is said in voice chat by accident, typically something like “I love to soak the balls” it will become the guild message of the day.

Expectations are that we’ll keep running Heroic for the next six weeks. Eventually we’ll get it fast enough to swing down and do a normal run for Artifact Power tokens. And then again, eventually work on Achievements for the raid. And players, of course, will start inserting their Alts for gear.

Expectations are that with farm* that we’ll finesse the kills and they’ll become text-book. Progression is often about survival and barely making it. We’ll continue to get better and stronger gear and farm, farm, farm.

*”Farm” is when your group has the raid down pat and is only there to “farm the gear” often trying for a particular piece, week after week.

My personal push is for the Concordance trait which seems weeks away. I’d like to shuffle some Talents and practice my fingers on a different spell rotation or encounter reaction. Same with my Legendary pieces, see how they feel to play.

I’m satisfied. We reached our goal before the dead-line!

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