Untitled Ver. 2, 2017

“For me, WoW is an escape. It’s somewhere that I can go to get away from the real world, to explore different worlds and different lives.”
Cinder Says

Untitled Ver. 2, 2017

I always thought that it was cheating to name an art piece Untitled. I simply assume that the artist was working on a technique and never meant it to go to a museum or even considered as a “piece”.

Our new Armory! Gnomecore has some screen shots that look very nice. My Armory not is like that at all, the gear boxes are huge and cover up that you are in your class hall; I didn’t even notice until I read his post.

Naturally I am bummed that with the nice update to the Armory that the Guild section is old and has not been touched. I dare say, not supported by Blizzard! Still, maybe next week but I doubt it. I think the Armory got updated because sites like Ask Mr Robot rely on it. I sure wish my version was nice like Gnomecores, maybe I’m missing something.

I don’t know if it will display the same to you, but here is my armory version.

Two more full bars to Concordance. The AP grind is just that, a grind. I don’t mind it too much because it is a goal. I do want Concordance, it will be a strong buff to my healing.

The Reaves engineering module needs a part from Iron Juggernaut in SoO. I’ve done five kills and it has not dropped. I even ran around the area to see if it was in a chest behind a rock. RNG at this level is tedious and requires a middle finger flung at the Blizzard designers.

I’m at 95,000 Order Resources and can not burn them fast enough.

The micro-holiday is for ballooning! I don’t know where it is yet but I’m going to hunt it down tonight. I like these little holidays.



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