Push to Laugh

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”
Mark Twain

Push to Laugh

What a day. I have roofers on my roof re-shingling and there has been hammering going on since 7am for 12 hours. Day One.

My Guild Master boasted 12 achievements in one day. I had to ask. Many of them were the Adventurer of Zone Name and Treasures of Zone Name. It turns out that most of these were 80% completed already, just from questing in the area! That has moved up on my To Do list.

Heroic Gul’dan down again last night. Phase 3 is a surprise and we had to teach those who’d missed last week. And then … we dissolved! I thought for sure, and hoped for, an Artifact Power run to celebrate how strong we are in Normal.

One more big long empty bar to Concordance. I think it might take a week or so, 580 million AP is a long haul. But, that has to be our goal, right? Finish it. Every time I think that the amount is absurd, I get more Artifact Knowledge and it takes “about a week” to fill a bar.

The more I use Prosperity as a talent, the more I love it. Swiftmend is our only instant heal and this talent gives us an extra charge. I wish we had four or five of these spells. Handy dandy in a pinch!

Engineering Reaves has a module with one part to make it comes from SoO. After six runs, I finally got it. And that is only because a buddy coaxed me into doing it as he wants the pet and some tmog pieces. Six runs is a bit much, don’t you think?

Since the roofers were roofing at 7am and I needed my coffee and oatmeal with blueberries, I decided to listen to my favorite podcast this morning, Hearthcast. They cover everything and are pretty funny. When talking about the Discord app, they weighed in on voice-activated vs push-to-talk. Do you push to laugh? Then on voice-actived, Freckleface hollered “stop picking your nose and put on your pants!”. I think I’ll stick with push-to-talk.

So … do you push to laugh?

I do.

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