Out and About in Azeroth

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”
Oscar Wilde

Out and About in Azeroth

I have not had a gear upgrade on my Main for a long time. I have stooped to Nethershard farming to try for the trinket but, so far, have only vendored them. If it wasn’t for the AP upgrades to my weapon, I’d begin to be bummed. As it is, I feel like my Main is strong and ready-to-go. Concordance does proc quiet nicely.

Now I, finally, understand Legionfall United. Our Order Hall perk must been seen in the chat frame. If you click on a 5 million AP token, there you will see if it jumped to 10 million. I’ve been missing that up until today!

Reading bloggers is always a pleasure. Warcraft Big Brother Part Two is a brilliant posting and it made me laugh. Bryssa The Casual is a very clever writer!

Today and only today, May 19, you can do the pet power level thing with Squirt. I did this last expansion and found it pretty fun but with almost 600 pets at level 25, I might skip this opportunity.

Need a project? I sure do. Enemies Everywhere rewards a companion pet (non-battle) that is a floating Khadgar head … in a bubble. I mean, I have to have it! I’ll start this goofy questline soon. And … a raider has some “pull the rabbit out of a top hat” toy that I need to investigate, where did that come from?

Plenty to do and to explore and discover. Since we are in a bit of a lull, it is the perfect time to get out and about in Azeroth!

3 thoughts on “Out and About in Azeroth

  1. Thanks for the mention and link, glad someone likes my crazy project ^^ Nethershards are a good catch up mechanic before the next tier, but it’s very hit and miss since one can literally get any item from the tokens. And it’s so difficult to resist buying Wyrmtongue Cache Keys… I didn’t know about Enemies Everywhere. Now that I do my life won’t be complete until I too can be followed around by Khadgar’s floating head!

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