7.2.5: Questions, Comments, Criticisms

“Don’t forget that the only two things people read in a story are the first and last sentences. Give them blood in the eye on the first one.”
Herbert Bayard Swope

7.2.5: Questions, Comments, Criticisms

We can safely assume that the patch will drop a few weeks before the Tomb of Sargeras raid, right? Class over-haul takes some practice for new mechanics.

One reads the review, by Quesionably Epic, on the Tomb Healing Trinkets and sees the reviews are not very positive. What’s up, Blizz? I gotta say, I like the writer of Questionably Epic.

Concordance, the final “infinity” trait gives me a ten second proc of 2000 intellect. Geez, I have trinkets that do better than that. What is the big deal and is this any strong? At 48,000 intellect, a jump to 50,000 intellect for ten seconds doesn’t feel very worthwhile.

In 7.1, I felt envy for those getting new Legendary pieces. Automatic at 940, I felt trolled and suckered for “time spent” in collecting my pieces because now I had to spend even more time upgrading.

Now that I have quite a few Legendary pieces, the old solution is not elegant. Yet, here they go again. I say: give us one quest per Legendary to visit some Vendor.

From Wowhead:
In 7.2.5, players will be able to upgrade their previously obtained legendaries to item level 970 by using the  Stabilized Titan Essence item. This is very similar to the  Distilled Titan Essence item in 7.1.5, which allowed players to upgrade their legendaries to item level 940.

The legendary upgrade quest in 7.2.5 starts by picking up  Spoiled Sample. You can acquire this item by picking up your weekly Challenger’s Bounty cache in your Class Order Hall.

The quest will lead you to Arcanomancer Vridiel in Dalaran, where you will be able to pick up the new Legendary quest Unsettled Power to acquire 50  Writhing Essence. Other than the weekly Challenger’s Bounty cache, which drops 20  Writhing Essence, additional sources of  Writhing Essence are currently unknown.

Patch 7.2, our current patch, feels like it is for catching up everyone to be able to raid in the Tomb. I don’t know entry but I’d guess ilevel 880, which if you tripped and fell in the Broken Shore, you’ll have this easily.

I’m not a theory-crafting guy but “at a glance” I think I’d reject the new class specific Legendary rings; which is a shame. Well I recall, reading Legendaries As We Progress Though Legion by the terrific blogger Thrill of the Wild. One pays a hefty price in equipping a Legendary ring or neck. Choosing a Legendary ring over, say, a Legendary chest-piece means choosing less of your primary stat — an overall loss in power.

I know that healing Druids have been “in a good place” over the past and current expansions. We’ve seen little change except to our Mastery. I did a speed run of Heroic Emerald Nightmare for AP (the Mage Building is up) and got spanked and humiliated by a Holy Priest. I looked up their top healing spell, it was their Mastery Passive! That kind of stuff makes me unhappy.

Restokin expressed our frustrations best way back in April 2016, before Legion dropped in Legion Alpha: Resto Druid Mastery. Why can’t a new patch, like 7.2.5, fix it so I don’t feel hobbled, hindered and horrified when looking at the Holy Priest?

Sometimes I wonder if I want patch 7.2.5 to arrive. I’m not a Negative Nellie but there are clouds on the horizon!

3 thoughts on “7.2.5: Questions, Comments, Criticisms

  1. So basically I will need to do Mythic + dungeons to first get the quest, then 3 weeks to get the 50 things?

    Excuse me while I extract my face from the desk.

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  2. I hoped I had heard it wrong, too!

    Right OK, I might be a little too casual for the game, but I hardly ever do Mythics! I guess I can muster one, obviously to get it started. And granted I do not have that many legendaries.

    I just feel as if there is something wrong with the quest forcing that type of content on players. I guess it´s never possible to satisfy everyone, and it seems a tad bizarre to discuss this.

    I mean imagine us 10 years ago, giving the ability to see into the future and see our future selves argue about having to do a few quests to update our tons of legendary items?!

    “if you tripped and fell in the Broken Shore” – hah 🙂 Go go Nethershard farming.

    I had no idea about the Priest Mastery like that. What would you like to see change about Restoration Druids to match?

    Thanks for a great site 🙂

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