WoW: Cruisin’ Time

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;
they toil not, neither do they spin.”

Matthew 6:28

WoW: Cruisin’ Time

When Blizzard designed the arc of Legion, I think that they must’ve taken into account Springtime. The choice to sit outside with coffee and a newspaper to watch (and feel) the sunrise is fantastic. The Winter shivers while ready waiting for servers to reset on Tuesday are long gone.

The foot-to-the-pedal pace of new material seems to be slowing down. Or, I pushed hard like many others to do it ALL. Sure, there is always something to do in Azeroth and I’ve felt no call to re-visit past expansions to clean up my Achievement list; I’m no longer pining to improve my character.

Patch 7.2.5 will offer new legendary pieces but no other avenue for gear. The Tomb raid will be the place for new gear. I’ve lost track on gear for Mythic Plus, will there be higher ilevels available?

I have these two birds building a nest right a tree about 20 feet from me. I sure hope they make it. The summer heat will be rolling in soon enough and with the political climate as it is, I really hope that all we talk about is the weather.

Earning my second Concordance, I realize that this is a nice little buff but that the DPS will like it even more. If I was raiding on my Hunter, I’d be watching for that buff to proc and jack up my shooting sprees for that time. Healers don’t work that way.

The Grand Plan is nearing completion:

  • My Alchemy and Inscription Alt is at 800. I don’t have rank three for the Potion of Prolonged Power, I think that World Boss comes once every four months. The number of World Quests that offer Bloods is satisfying.
  • My Enchanting Alt is at 800. He is part way through Tailoring with no need to tailor anything.
  • My old Main, a Hunter, is out and about striving to stay strong and enjoy the play-style even if it is World Quests and Assaults.
  • My Dedicated Gatherer, a Druid with mining and herbing is working as planned.

All my 110s did the Cache Key quest-line. That is always a fun day. I still want the toy as I got the pet last week.

Relax for a while! Last summer, we had a guildmate who would chide us for Raiding at 7pm. The sun was still out! Get out and play, he’d say.

Sometimes, I wish I had a dog.


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