Guest Starring in WoW

“I want my mullet back
My ol’ Camero, an’ my eight-track
Fuzzy dice hangin’ loose an’ proud
ZZ Top, they’re playin’ loud”

Robbie Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus)

Guest Starring in WoW

Rarely, a television show will gain momentum in popularity and then sort of transcend itself into a pop culture event. Then, the famous people in the world will clamor for, and be welcomed to do cameos on the show to ride the train and be part of the event.

My example today, to illustrate this, is Hannah Montana. Yep, a kid’s show on the Disney Channel and, one would think, small potatoes or something easily dismissed.

However, as I recall, this character did something that no one in music history had ever done and that was to have two albums at number one on the Billboard charts in the same year. More than Elvis or Mariah Carey or the Beatles. Think about that.

Hannah Montana became a culture phenomenom. The character even had live shows in arenas what were sold out. And, famous people began vying to be on the show.

Here is a partial list, off the top of my head:

  • Larry David, playing himself with his two daughters. In line at a restaurant.
  • Rob Reiner, playing himself as a movie producer.
  • Ray Romano, playing himself at a charity event.
  • Joey Fatone, playing himself as a restaurant owner.
  • Heather Locklear, Lily’s mom.
  • Dolly Parton, Miley’s godmother in the show and in real life.
  • Vicki Lawerence, Grandma
  • Dwayne Johnson, as himself
  • Sheryl Crow, as herself
  • And the other Disney inserts like Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers etc.

What I’d like to see in WoW is guest stars. I known we had those awesome Mr. T grenades and they were fun. But I think any franchise would love to be involved in Wow. And I don’t mean the good guys.

How would you like a Halloween mini-holiday with the final boss in a dungeon as the Texas Chainsaw guy? That would be awesome! How about Jason or Freddy Krueger? Creepy and famous horror movie bad guys. Alien and Predator.

How about Hannible Lector who talks so much that your interupt is a mechanic?

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow guy with the Trillax scrubbers helping us out?

Why not have cross-over characters from the scary movies that we face with our fire spells and chain-lightnings and bear tanks? I think it would be fun and hilarious. Hollywoood would jump at the chance!

5 thoughts on “Guest Starring in WoW

  1. It’s an interesting thought but I like WoW the way it is, mostly removed from real life things. It could create a terrible conflict as entities outside the WoW universe tried to dictate the way it was handled.

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