Finishing Patch 7.2

“It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”
Tallulah Bankhead

Finishing Patch 7.2

A nice busy week in WoW. I’m having fun and it is only Thursday! There is a Glowcap Festival in Outlands, maybe only for one day, soon. Gotta check it out.

Our raid team ran the table on Heroic Nighthold in one night. We usually run out of time on Elisande or Gul’dan but not this week. Our Raid Leader, who is a clever guy, on the pull of Gul’dan whispered “let’s one-shot him”. Everyone sat up, alert, and nailed him on the first try! Pretty good for the third hour of raiding.

Like Alunaria, I went and got Squirky. Alunaria tells the story much better than me. I’ll just warn any who are headed over to 20 21 in Azsuma that they are Elites. Be ready to fight for your new pet!

I’ve not gone herbing in a long time. Hearthcast had a new episode on their podcast, so I spent my hour happily picking up Foxflower. I try to keep 10 Spirit Cauldrons in my bags and I was down to 8, not any more!

What is fun about WoW is that so many players play so many different ways. My appreciation grows for the game as I read up on other bloggers. I guess I define myself as a Raider, but I feel I do much more than that. Still, look at the terrific blogger Kamalia Et Alia who is measuring progress by Tmog collections! Or the brilliant Gnomecore who has tactics and plans that were designed back in the Beta of Legion. Great Elune, Phaelia is playing by voice commands! Now, how cool is that?

I guess it comes down to the question “are you still playing?” Then, I’d measure your success as a postive one, no matter how you chose to spend your time. I hope I never fall into the mini-game trap of Auction House flipping — that is so far removed from fantasy and dragons as I can imagine.

Let’s all hope that Blizzard figures out what it wants with Concordance. A hotfix to mend a foundational trait in our weapon doesn’t make me feel confident. For the moment, I’ll enjoy the buff to the first trait but, if after a few weeks, everyone has it — does it really matter?

When everyone is balanced and even by hitting the Concordance levels; if you were doing math then you’d erase it all as part of an equation. If both sides of an equation has the same number, you can cross it out.

For me, it is that attitude that took away our raid buffs; if everyone has all the same buffs in a raid, why have them at all? This is one of my Major Irritations with WoW because they were not just raid buffs. I could cast Mark of the Wild on someone running around. I thought of it as giving them a “blessing”. I’ve seen people race by, I’d cast MotW and they’d stop and race back to buff me! That is a game as it should be played.

Blizzard said that they’d keep an eye on the rate that the buildings go up and rotate on the Broken Shore. I sure hope so because the interest is beginning to wane, especially with the crummy rewards on their World Quests. Doing four WQs to get a building turn-in is starting to limp along and drag.

6 thoughts on “Finishing Patch 7.2

  1. I miss being able to give a Stamina buff to the raid, going even further back, Shadow Resistance. Having a buff to hand out gave us some flavor. So much has been lost in the name of pruning and making all equal.

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  2. Oh, I like your recap of the week-post 🙂 You know, i really like those Micro holidays, but I wish they were around for a day or so longer. Sometimes I haven´t time to play on that said day.

    Thanks for liking my story on Squirky, I´m glad 🙂 Glad to get some suggestions as to which bloggers to check out, so thank you for those links too!

    Eh, about Concordance. It feels to me as if Blizzard is grasping at straws, I believe, is the expression. A few of the things introduced lately seems to be so inconsiderate of how it will work in the long run.

    Aww, I miss our buffs so much to. It has not occured to me how much, actually. I still throw a Rejuvenation on those that I pass by, even if they are at full health…

    Oh, they will keep an eye on the building rotation? That sure would be nice. But I guess we all have our own personal “wants” as to which building should be active all the time!

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