Battle Pets: Legion

“Why don’t you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?”
Robert Benchley

Battle Pets: Legion

I think we’ve been in Legion long enough to talk about Pets. Battle Pets are entwined into everything I do; I have used the battles for XP, I’ve sold them on the AH and they are macro’d to my activities like Dash, Displacer Beast and Mounts.

Roll Call:

  • Total: 830
  • Unique: 738
  • Max Level: 586

All of them except:

  • Broken Isles Safari (about half way)
  • Master and Brutal Pet Brawler (about 100 of 250)
  • An Awfully Big Adventure (14 more to go)


  • 2935 Pet Charms
  • 324 Flawless Battle-Training Stones
  • 2235 Battle Pet Bandages
  • Many assorted stones, biscuits, treats and mini-treats

Addons and Resources

Current Favorites for my /rfp

  • Albino Buzzard
  • Blazing Firehawk
  • Disgusting Oozeling
  • Sunborne Val’kyr
  • Netheara’s Light

Overall, Legion has been great. I very much enjoyed the Family Familiar achievement, that is tops in my book. Sad to say, I’ve only done the Dungeon once; I think it is because of “time spent”.

Don’t you think that the Pet Battles on the Broken Shore should give you Legionfall Resources along with Rep? Rep is great but it could use a little oomph. While I appreciate Pet Battles being part of World Quests at max level, I wish that there was a minor version for XP while leveling.

I have an Alt parked with Ashlei in WoD’s Shadow Moon Valley and she does the daily with her Safari Hat on. I am astonished that she is level 109! I have an Alt parked with Crysa over in Kalimdor, hoping for another rare Albino Buzzard.

More emphasis on the flying pets right now because we can fly! We love to see our battle pets swooping along with us in the air.

Finally, one favorite toy is Narcissa’s Mirror; making your pet look like you! During breaks in raiding, I use it on Stinker and have friends use theirs on a black cat. To see my own mini-me chasing them with a broken heart is hilarious. BUT, we tried it yesterday and it didn’t work! Did Blizzard change this and not tell us?

Another fun thing was using the Magic Pet Mirror on the Enchanted Broom. Then all the raiders use Ai-Li’s Skymirror to have a raid team advancing as brooms! It only lasts a while until it all breaks but it sure made me laugh.

When Pet Battles first came out, everyone said “it’s like Pokeman”. Since I’ve never played that game, I worried that I’d be at a disadvantage. However, once started — I was hooked! I always like having a buddy alongside to enjoy my adventures.



One thought on “Battle Pets: Legion

  1. That is quite an impressive list, you have there! I just got the achievement to raise one pet of each family to max level, so I suppose I´m just a liiiiiitle behind 😉

    Wow, that is some crazy XP from doing Pet Battles. So one can actually level an alt that way with ease?

    Haha, I adore the Enchanted Broom. Just the attack animation alone, whack whack, smack smack, always cracks me up!

    Thanks for the list of favorite pets, I´m still working my way up, so it´s very handy for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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