The Artifact Power Trap

“It’s said in Hollywood that you should always forgive your enemies – because you never know when you’ll have to work with them.”
Lana Turner

The Artifact Power Trap

Last night I got my third Concordance trait. It is still tracking along and taking “about a week” to fill the bar. How this will change once I ding 40 AK, I don’t know but I’m sure to resent not being able to get to 50!

That bar is nasty. It starts so low and you shrug and think “who cares”? Then, somehow, later on you notice that it is half-way and think “it will take forever to complete”. Then, wowzers, it only has two bubbles left and you think “I’ve got to push to complete it”. Over and over again!

If that bar was not there, I’d be looking for other things to do. And there is plenty to do! Filling the bar is beginning to feel like mindless repetition and I’ve got to get away from it. Discipline! Play MY game, not theirs!

We are in a pretty hefty lull right now. I can see players taking longer breaks as we feel the call of Spring and Summer. That is good as long as they don’t un-sub, right?

The Cross Realm Zone technology needs work. They introduced the technology to over-lap zones so that they’d feel more populated and that is a good thing. Early in Legion, though, it was a mess. You could be in a player-swamped Dalaran or a ghost-town Dalaran.

My main beef with CRZ is when I’m doing an activity like the Assaults. When I am the only player standing there on a Single Demon assault, it sucks! Elite 112 takes a while to kill when you are alone, I guess at minimal scaling at that point.

I think it is really bad design when a player is all alone in an encounter that is popular. You know that lots of players are doing these things but the CRZ tech has left you all alone. It doesn’t work.

Blizzard needs to fiddle with the dials to make sure that we are in a Massively Multi-player game!

4 thoughts on “The Artifact Power Trap

  1. Grats on reaching Concordance (and getting a few traits into it)! I’ve still got quite a bit to go, but don’t feel stressed since I’ve given up raiding completely. If I was still raiding I think I’d be grinding away too, as it’s something you can always work on and improve…

    CRZ is a bit hit and miss at the moment, not sure if it has to do with the realm hop addon a lot of people seem to be using? I sometimes find myself completely alone on a busy realm, even when /who tells me there should be more people around :/

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  2. Gosh, I can imagine that. I have toggled off the tracking of artifact power a long time ago. Granted, I am not a raider. I just got Concordance, thanks to the Legion Companion App – and I feel as if I am now “done” with it as a whole (The AP “grind).
    As far as I understand, the gain from next points are very little – but I imagine, as a raider, every little bit counts. I can remember those days.

    Which other things would you like to do instead? šŸ™‚

    Yeah, summer is never easy for guilds at all either.

    I have always been against Cross Realm Zones. Always, ever since they were introduced. These days, I understand the need, to avoid being all alone in an area, but I wish the restrictions were lifted entirely then; so we would be able to trade items etc. as well. There is still that barrier.
    I never thought about it being bugged actually, but it makes sense; being all alone in a popular World Quest does seem quite odd!

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  3. I have gone out to the island with my wife in Party and both standing by the flight master and cannot see her, or her me. Usually dropping group and reforming fixes it. But. It has problems for sure.

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