Re-Re-Reset Day

“I shudder at the thought of men…. I’m due to fall in love again.”
Dorothy Parker

Re-Re-Reset Day

Happy Reset Day! Our own mini-holiday, I think many players look forward to the weekly reset of all our raids, new quests on the Broken Shore and more.

MMO Champs announces:
Legion PvP Season 3 Ending June 13!
Tomb of Sargeras and Class Mounts will be coming soon, as well as the new PvP season!

The Tomb’s opening is not dependent on any patch, they’ll throw a switch and it’ll be on. The patch 7.2.5 must be coming right after the end of the pvp season. AND it will line up with the final class mount quests. Didn’t we ALL see it coming exactly as that?

Class Mounts
At some point, I’m at 301 mounts, I kind of hit a wall. Enough of hunting mounts that I don’t ride! Still, the Druid Class mount is one that I anticipate because I can give a ride to my friends! Insta-cast and all the benefits, like swooping down to click the items in an Assault and ignoring all of the mobs. It’ll be a handy-dandy and I hope my friends take full advantage of me.

Toy Hunting
I spoke with my Guild Master and we both agree that farming AP is relentless and just about pointless. The first Concordance is 4000 of your main stat, it’s a big jump. After that it is only 300, so if I’m four full weeks ahead of you then it is only 1200.

So, I jumped off the AP train and looked through Uncollected to see what is missing. I picked up the Devilsaur Lunchbox for a mere 1000 Ancient Mana. I found a darling little quest helping a Murloc find his true love, it was a great adventure for me and my little buddy. AND, I’m mining ore to get the Jewelcraft toy, the mini-game.

Ugh. So many toys are behind the Withered Training. In the next few weeks I’ll have to learn how to farm Ancient Mana to do the runs for a random drop. This is not healthy or good.

My initial motivation for making this blog (it has expanded) was to share my toy box macros. It gives me about 50% of my visits everyday from all over the world, it is great! Inherent in that comes the responsibility to find more toys! What a goofy game.

We still form up to go. We are fighting the Vacation Boss and the Spring Fever Boss. I’ll say that, after three healing our Heroic runs, having our fourth healer back will make life a little less sweaty and anxious. I don’t know why, but our Raid Leader has not taken us back to Normal for an Achievement Run. I hope soon.

Cherry Picking 7.2.5
On one level it doesn’t look like a lot of “content” is coming in the patch. But there are some things to look forward to doing. Here are some things that I found interesting in the patch notes, whether I know what they mean or not!

  • Flightpath maps were added:
    Aged Eastern Kingdoms Flightmap, Melia Globespanner’s Guide to Kalimdor, Threadbare Kalimdor Flightmap, Bran’s Travel Guide to the Eastern Kingdoms
  • Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines Complete Pet Battle Challenge in Deadmines. 5 points. Account Wide. Reward: Mining Monkey. 5 points. Account Wide.
  • LFG Dungeons
    Azeroth’s Warning – Name changed from “7.2.5 Prelaunch: Magni – AJB” to “Azeroth’s Warning”.
  • The Deaths of Chromie – Help Chromie rescue her future self from a mysterious assailant. Map: The Deaths of Chromie.
  • Music Restores 4% of your health per second for 24 sec. Must remain seated while listening. If you spend at least 10 seconds listening you will gain Stamina and Critical Strike for 15 min. Instant. Sit down and enjoy the song. Instant.

Some interesting things on the horizon! I hope you enjoy your Re-Re-Reset Day!


5 thoughts on “Re-Re-Reset Day

  1. Haha, yes, I *do* look forward to Tuesday as my own WoW “mini holiday”. On Tuesday, I give myself permission to NOT work on my lab manual revisions and other prep for fall semester in favor of playing WoW all day to plow through my mog farming 😛

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  2. Nice expression, Happy Reset Day! 😀

    Hm! Ok, that Class Mount! Have you tried the PTR? I heard “rumors” that it will be a Travel Form Glyph, but have not been able to verify it. Do you know how it will work? There has been changes to it quite often on the PTR, from Mount, then not mount, then separate mount in journal, then not, then glyph…etc.

    Congratulations on jumping off the AP train.

    Huh, oh, toys behind Withered Training? Didn´t know that. ._. It´s something I´ve done very little off.

    You can always get the shoulder enchant for the Ancient Mana drop? When I had it, it did proc quite frequently.

    Aww, when you speak of raids, I really begin to miss it. It´s been years since I was part of a team like that.

    I look forward to 7.2.5. Though not decided what I look most forward to! Mostly hanging around waiting for a release date and patch notes set in stone, heh.

    Enjoy your Reset Day too!

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  3. I do look forward to Tuesdays myself – love raid resets and such.

    Toys are fun to chase! I need to see if there are more that I’m missing that are fairly easy to get. I’ve been chasing transmog in my spare time 🙂

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