A Little Class in Azeroth

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
Coco Chanel

Have a Little Class in Azeroth

When is the last time you saw a naked character dancing on a mailbox in Iron Forge? Those were the good old days, right?

During the last expansion we had a player on our raid team who was obnoxious. No, we didn’t know; really. He was a good player for his DPS. He was very generous with his time when a guildie asked for help on some quest or boss. He could be really funny.

During the raid, he had his big cooldown spell macro’d with a yell (/y) in capital letters, LET THE BLOOD BATH BEGIN! LET THE BLOOD BATH BEGIN! He always liked to start the raid night by announcing that he was having an “adult beverage”, I don’t know why.

After a few months, it slowly came out that he was harrassing our tanks. Both women tanks and very good leaders, they’d ignored him; I guess for the good of the team. He’s whisper one of them, perhaps, and tell her that she was doing it wrong or sometimes things of a sexual nature. As I learned about it, I grew increasingly pissed off. Oh, he’d “accidentally” jump the pull to mess up the tanks and make them look bad.

It became clear that his “fun” was getting drunk during the raid and messing with people and making a spectacle of himself. He told us just that as we began questioning him more and more about his actions. Finally he said, “if you don’t like it, kick me”. Boom! Guild politics aside, he was gone, so long! Weeks later he begged daily to be back in our guild but the resolve was strong.

Of course, he’s show up at the Summoning Stone on our raid nights and trash us in General. We laughed at him. I followed him on his Armory and he joined another guild and then just disappeared. I guess he started all over or simply quit WoW. Thank Elune!

It is easy to be obnoxious in WoW and I would ask that you have a little good taste instead. It will make you feel better with that as a facet of your game play.

It might be fun to make a macro announcing your spell to the raid team off cooldown. I’ve seen it plenty in the LFR. After once, it is merely annoying and since it is macro’d; it won’t be once.

There are a lot of choices.
My hunter loves to have the big dragonhawk out and with Hati: two. And then Rexxar. And then a battle pet with his biscuit. It is a fun parade and I love it. However, this choice makes it rough if you are questing with a friend. You might not even think of it but they may not want to come back and play with you. Same in a raid, hunter pets must be chosen with a sure sense of fairness and a certain savoir faire.

Our toy box macros unleash a powerful potential. Reconsider your Hearthstone macro (you do have one, right?) if you’ve added I’M GOING TO DELIVERANCE POINT! FOLLOW ME!. However a nice gentle, Wrathsome clicks his heels three times, in the /say might be a bit more aristocratic.

There is a time and place for everything and I’d never discourage fun in the World of Warcraft. I just remember that player who thought his actions were “no big deal” but added up to being kicked from his guild, his raid team and his friends list.

2 thoughts on “A Little Class in Azeroth

  1. I may be the GM, but I rarely get involved with things unless it is bad. I have officers I trust, and two CO-GM’s. One day I logged in to whispers and guild chat in flames. I saw some language it do not consider appropriate in guild chat and pieced together the person I was being told about had been asked to cool it in whispers. So I whispered them to watch the language. The reply to the effect who the F are you, I can say what ever the F I want. The language filter is there for a reason. Bunch of babies here. So I asked again and said final warning. Reply was what are you gonna do Dumbass kick me? So I did. He immediately starts whispering the Co-GM and is told it’s out of his hands. The GM just kicked you.

    Yeah the next week was filled with I’m sorry. Never happen again. Can I get another chance. So after a talk with officers and the people he offended the one day I gave him a chance. Only to get text messages two days later in work he was doing it again. I told someone to drop him to a rank I have with 0 access and 0 chat. Soon as I got home he was removed. I don’t think he plays any more.

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  2. Oh, those kind of players…A part of me wonders if they are even aware of how they come across. Probably not. They seem lost in their own ways. Poor guys. So instantly judged by me in a LFR, that you can´t even blink your eyes before I made up my mind about them..! More often than not though, as your story proves, our instinct is spot on. Oh, how they can get on my nerves.
    The next time, I will try to take a deep breath and quote you, because that is a great quote; “Have a little class…” 🙂

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