Game Overload: WoW

“State-of-the-art immersion rigs cost money. That means that even the rich people in this world want to escape it. It must be one big bummer of a place.”
Ready Player One

Game Overload: WoW

There is so much going on! Stuff coming and going, it is enough to make your head spin. This is a goofy World of Warcraft.

First up, if I read this right Resto-Druids are getting a 4% nerf to healing, right across the board and right in the face in patch 7.2.5. It is not like I was shaming and embarrassing my fellow healers.

Second, I don’t even know what to think about our T20 set pieces:
2 pieces (Restoration) : Swiftmend triggers up to 40% reduced cooldown based on the current health of your target. More reduced cooldown when used on a lower health target.
4 pieces (Restoration) : Swiftmend increases your Efflorescence healing by 400% for 8 sec.
I am a bit baffled, it is our only non-HoT spell so it is a bit counter to our design yet seems to be emphasized. We still have Prosperity: Swiftmend now has 2 charges, and its cooldown is reduced by 3 sec. Someone explain what is going on! As a side, “more reduced cooldown” is inelegant phasing, methinks.

Confirmed: Demonsteel Stirrups are totally fun. The tooltip does not spell it out: Use: Place stirrups onto your mount, allowing you to interact while mounted in the Broken Isles for 2 hrs.. No, Druids in flight form can not mine while using this buff. However, you can use it and mount your Sandstone Drake and carry someone else to mine and herb! Double the rewards, enjoy the company — it is fantastic!

Enjoyed: My Top 15 Best Things Patch 7.2 Brought by A Druid’s Journal. Now I want to make a Top List too. These things are always fun.

Gambling for fun: my guilty pleasure is gathering 5000 Nethershards and trying for a different trinket. Raphael over at Raid Advice gave me the tip and now I cannot resist. That is some good fun stuff, I tell ya.

Getting Golden: has anyone else noticed the slow rise in our gold stash? While not paying attention, I recently saw that I am earning more gold than before. I can’t just be the gear on my Bodyguard, can it?

There is so much going on and so much keeping me busy and content in WoW. Sometimes I feel like that dog in the great movie, Up. Squirrel! I read someone’s blog and race off to go check out something new is this huge sprawling game.

Eat well, go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

One thought on “Game Overload: WoW

  1. Oh, I missed the part with the 4% nerf. I haven´t paid much attention to the PTR until it´s all set in stone.

    I really disliked the T20 set piece bonuses though, saw them a while ago! But since I am not raiding, I have not been that fussed. I agree, what does “more reduced cooldown” mean? Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these set bonuses! I guess one needs to see them in action before deciding what it´s worth.

    Uh, Demonsteel Stirrups on Sandstone Drake? Not bad! Thanks for the headsup!

    Aw I´m glad you liked that list! I look forward to see yours 🙂

    Hah, I have gamled quite a lot with those Nethershards too. Come ooon, Velen!

    Hm, not noticed on the gold department, but then again, I often do things out of “end content”. :p

    You too, enjoy! 🙂

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