Wonder Woman: Hero Saga Success

Gabrielle: “You’re not much for girl talk are you? (Xena draws her sword.) Of course you’re not like most girls.”
Xena, Warrior Princess

Wonder Woman: Hero Saga

I had to have the good fortune to see Wonder Woman at the movies yesterday. It was good! Personally, I am pleased that DC has finally “got it right” after so many failures in their franchises. I believe that it is simple; they followed the Hero Saga template and will reap rewards.

Here at Coffee Cakes and Crits, we’ve covered this before in Super Hero Love and in Khadgar Must Die.

In Wonder Woman, the Hero Saga script was followed to-a-tee. And, in my opinion, that should be why it is and will be a successful movie. As a viewer, I was pleased to watch while checking off the Saga list. In fact, it made me feel just a little bit smug. Knowing the under-lying pinnings of a tale gave me a lot of satisfaction on top of watching a great kick-ass movie.

My prior contention that, in Super Hero movies, that the Origin Tale must follow the Hero Saga steps and then the follow-up movie must be about Love just might prove true. I worry that, like Captain America, Wonder Woman wove the love story into the first story and will have nothing to stand on in later films. Which, to me, is why The Capt had a great opening movie and a forgetful second one (no love).

To build a franchise we must have love. Again, I’ll remind us all that Batman is a Detective and must follow that scripting. Ironman has Pepper but the Hulk has no one, you can make Hulk origin stories over and over but without love there is no reason for him to be doing super hero stuff in later movies.

It is not about the cool super powers, though we enjoy them. We want to know why our heroes do what they do. If they have a tether to another person via love then we can trust them to use their super powers for good, justice and right. Love should be stronger than any super power!

The Hero Saga has many factors and some nuance culled from research of our stories that are long-lasting. We humans respond to the story at a deeper level than the story told because of the under-lying elements that, well, make up the Hero Saga.

For my money, we also like the love story. And we REALLY like the “I’ve got a secret” stories. We like being in on the secret that Clark Kent is Superman. Or that Hannah Montana has the best of both worlds. Or that the girls are guys in Some Like it Hot.

Get some popcorn, enjoy the movies!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Hero Saga Success

  1. How great you enjoyed it so! I rarely have time to be able to go to the movies, but I have added this to my “Movies to see sometime-list”. Also, this post made me discover another ones of yours I really enjoyed reading too; I have not given it that much thought; the way movies are set up in general. Good thoughts and observation 🙂

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