Idle Animations: Narcissa’s Mirror

“It’s a rather rude gesture, but at least it’s clear what you mean.”
Katharine Hepburn

Idle Animations: Narcissa’s Mirror

I’ve had an interest in Narcissa’s Mirror, the toy that is new to Legion. Using it on your companion pet will create a small version of yourself. There can be a lot more to how that pet-that-is-you looks and acts because of idle animations.

One of my favorite things was to use this toy on Stinker. Then have a friend use theirs on a black cat. Small versions of ourselves would chase about, always ending in a broken heart. However, I tried this last week and it didn’t work even though it had worked before.

Are we waiting, expecting Blizzard to fix this? Do they even know? Did they take it away in raids? Doubt, on my part, can be a horrible thing. As I’m looking through the possibilities, I am also wondering if other toys are broken.

To tackle this project, I’ve been using the filters from Warcraft Pets. I filter the 906 pets listed down to 104 by filtering Has Interactivity. Then I choose a pet that I know I own and click it. Looking down their really good research, I check out the listing for Animation.

I am only part way into this interest but thought I’d post my early findings.

  • It is a mirror toy. If you fly or dash too far away, it will break the illusion.
  • You can use a portal or Dreamwalk and the illusion will stick.
  • Flying pets do not bring their animations. You will not loop-de-loop, sadly. But, the small version of you will hover about shoulder height and swim!
  • It is only a guess which pet will bring their idle animations. Here is my partial list.
    • Egbert: yep, you’ll dash off like an idiot.
    • Pierre: you will have a burning hot animation.
    • Stardust: you do get the flash of light and the quick spin around your head, which is terrific.
    • Tideskipper: you do NOT fart a green bubble, nor do you wave it away, nor do you get a green gas cloud. Total bummer.
    • Brightpaw: You get it all. The flash leaps, the dance, the brief sleep.
    • Pandaren Monk: nothing
    • Fox Kit: the dance will be your own racial dance.
    • Elwynn Lamb: I waited (and I know it is long) but I never saw the wolf come and eat me.
    • Feline Familiar: when you fly, your tiny you looks like it is mounted on a broom but there is no broom.
  • No toy transformations get reflected. It will show you as you in your armor (or if you are naked, then naked: see Pierre).
  • Shapeshifting does get reflected. A burning Feral Cat using the Seed Pouch will be seen (and looks fantastic with Stardust).

The variations begin to escalate and I don’t think that we’ll ever have a compendium or exhaustive list. Especially since at least some seem to be broken.

My next step is finding a friend to play with. Lil XT will demolish the Zep and the Tonk according to Warcraft Pets, will our mini-characters fight? Warbots are reportedly two toys that engage each other, I want to see that as well.

I wonder of those fish in a bubble will make me be in a bubble? There are a LOT of pets to look into! We’ll need all of our Alts to skirt around the 1 hour cooldown.

As my interest expands, I’ll try to keep blogging on it. Have you found any great uses for Narcissa’s Mirror?

5 thoughts on “Idle Animations: Narcissa’s Mirror

  1. Wow, that is some dedication and overview there! I´ve not been able to gather the pet charms for that Toy yet, so sadly cant contribute to the investigation. Aw, I know you had a lot of fun with that toy, I do hope it will get fixed. I wonder what broke it.

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    • I really don’t know what broke it. It was a staple in our raid during breaks. We were on the dock facing Krosus and it didn’t work as usual. I never expected my tiny-me to do the perky pug on the carpet move but things that used to work, don’t work now and that is bothersome.
      Get your pet charms and get your fun toy!

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      • Thank you for the tip, Zeirah, that was sweet of you.
        I did indeed get that enchant not long ago – it really helps! 🙂 Especially someone who is just getting started, trying to raise at least a decent collection of pets to max level. I used them to purchase those Ultimate Battle Stones at first.

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