Patch 7.2.5: Resto-Druid’s Decline

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Patch 7.2.5: Resto-Druid’s Decline

Today is June 8, 2017.
Best guess is that this patch will drop June 13, so anything written now is speculation. I spent some time reading the forums here.

We know that Resto-Druids alone of the healing classes are getting a 4% across-the-board nerf to their healing. This is the cause of some concern to Druid healers!

Here is the concern.

  1. Now, at the end of Nighthold, Druid healers in mythic raiding are topping the charts. I only heal Normal and Heroic and have never felt like I was the master of the raid.
  2. The reason for this is the powerful Shoulder Legendary and our four piece bonus set from Nighthold.
  3. Testing on the PTR for Tomb has those raiders transferring their own characters so their numbers reflect the shoulders and Nighthold set bonus. So, in testing, the Druids look over-powered and so must need the nerf (I guess).
  4. In patch 7.2.5 the powerful shoulders will be nerfed.
  5. Early in Tomb, Druids with their Nighthold bonus sets will look pretty good, but as they progress they will get weaker and weaker in comparison to other healers.
  6. Getting weaker will be because we will at first add the two-piece from Tomb on top of our four-piece from Nighthold and drop Legendary pieces in those slots (shoulders). Then, eventually move to the four-piece from Tomb and then still have the two-piece from Nighthold. Then, eventually drop the two-piece from Nighthold in favor of higher powered pieces; perhaps our Legendary pieces after we’ve gone through the painful process of upgrading seven or eight Legendary pieces from 940 to 970.
  7. How long will it take to replace our Nighthold stuff, two months? It is over this arc of time that the Druid healer will be slowly, in comparison to the other healer classes, will get weaker and weaker.
  8. Looking at the four-piece from Tomb, one can see that they are inferior to the set from Nighthold in design.
  9. Conclusion: this will sneak up on us and make us feel worried that we are executing poorly when it isn’t our fault.

It is a disturbing scenario.

One can imagine that Blizzard is keeping it’s finger on the pulse and will fix or erase the nerf if Druid healing is sub-par; not because of our skills but because of their design. Remember that MW monks have been waiting for six months (for this 7.2.5 patch) to get fixed!

I can imagine some distress when we start Tomb as equals-or-better (if indeed Druids are currently over-powered) and then as we progress deeper into Tomb that we get less and less and less until we wonder why are we even here.

The other argument that I’ve seen is an interesting one.
If you are a Heal over Time healer, then your chart numbers SHOULD be really high because you are ticking along for the entire freaking raid! On-the-spot healers should not look as high because they are doing instant healings with big pops of their spells. That anyone would try to balance the over-all numbers to be equal is bad and not factoring in the style of healing brought by the different classes.

2 thoughts on “Patch 7.2.5: Resto-Druid’s Decline

  1. Thank you so much for summing this up.
    Very handy for me to get some insight into the raiding environment and concerns of the changes in the patch, so I appreciate that..
    Gosh I had no idea MW Monks had to wait so long.
    I was thinking that there would be finetuning once ToS is out and everyone “get comfortable” with it, but time will tell, then. Yeah, you are right about the point about the heal over time-healer. Also a lot of our healing is overhealing, no matter how well we manage it (it still is, right?) because that is just the nature of how it works.

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