The Wrathsome Project

“I resolved to stop accumulating and begin the infinitely more serious and difficult task of wise distribution.”
Andrew Carnegie

The Wrathsome Project

I’ve worked with many established choreographers over the years and then hundreds of new or student choreographers. Creating new work is very fun and challenging. Sometimes, I’ve learned, that the biggest challenge can be to name the piece! I can see that now when I try to name these darn blogs of mine.

I made a comment on Deez Wurds blog and realized that I had been either inspired or had thinking solidified by Kamalia Et Alia. To which, I realize that I am a Projects kind of guy. Not on the level of Gnomecore who is methodically getting all the class mounts and so much more. My Projects tend to be side-tasks that I work on while playing WoW.

The Narcissa’s Mirror Project
My latest “research” has been at the Summoning Stone for Nighthold. Since I am in my masquerade, I am tall. If I use the toy on a battle pet and then use a biscuit, my pet is now looking like me and almost twice as tall as me!

The Blossoming Ancient pet won’t do much except spawn this huge pool of leaves at the pet’s feet. Boneshard is fantastic, the “bone storm” animation on a giant spinning around all those waiting for the raid to start is great. The Suramar area is fun for the toy.

My Lavish Feast Project
This is a massive project in that I am trying to fill one column of our raid tab with these buff foods. While, of course, raiding and using them.

My five 110s have either the Harvester or Butcher shoulders which keeps me from farming much at all. To make Lavish Suramar Feast you must have made five other foods (which require multiple mats) and you need bacon. To work in volume, which is my desire, it can be brutal on the bag space.

The best way to do this is to cook them up near Nomi. This is for the fire but also the vendor, you’ll run out of butter, snails and olives. Big Gamy Ribs are my challenge and I hate farming them near Nesingwary’s Camp!

Tome of the Tranquil Mind Project
This one was and is easy. I discovered that my Inscriptionist had hundreds of Sallow Pigment. Since the new raid is coming, I loaded up stacks of 5 in our Raid Tab. Plus I sent stacks of 20 to my “favorites” on the raid team. The guess is that many raiders will want to change talents as we discover the challenges of each new boss in Tomb.

The Spirit Cauldron Project
My main has a minimum stack of ten of these beauties. Again, with the Harvester enchant, I rarely have to do much farming. It is a sad thing that these are account-bound. I’d love to not be the guy putting out feasts and cauldrons during a raid. I feel a bit ostentatious doing it and I don’t like it.

The Paragon Rep Mount Project
I am not nearly as organized as Gnomecore but I am playing with an eye on the rep mounts. I have the one from Stormheim, so I am encouraged. This means that at least my Main does an emissary cache run each day, often other 110s as they get exalted in the zones. I also do one turn-in of Legionfall Armies resources a day, if I can AND always choose the 500 resources three-day quest which more and more of my Alts can do now that they have “geared up” their followers.

The Artifact Power Project
I expect some push-back on this one but since I like to raid, I want more Concordance — when it is reasonable to farm AP!

This only means that when the Mage Tower has the Knowledgeable buff up (like right now) that I’ll join the ToV and EN normal and heroic speed runs. This buff rarely lines up with my Nighthold raiding but c’est la guerre!

Looking over my Projects list, it can appear that I am over-playing WoW but many are from passive gains while simply playing as a typical player with an eye on certain focused results.

I’ve considered a Gold Project. I’m selling Tomes right now and could sell Lavish Feasts. I’m selling Raiding with Leashes pets when I run Ulduar for the (really rare) mount. But, in all, I feel I have plenty of gold to splurge when tempted.

How about you, what is keeping you busy?

5 thoughts on “The Wrathsome Project

  1. Hah you think of ways to use toys and what not that I have never considered. Nice!
    Oh, had no idea those Raiding with Leashes pet could be bought.

    What keeps me busy. Too much. Must buy blinkers to focus :p Good fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Ah, now I understand why you have a dancer in your banner picture!

    I do projects, too — but as you might guess, most of them are Transmogrification-related. Right now, I have three alts at the Argent Tournament working on Sunreaver rep so that they can use that tabard. I suspect that I might end up doing the Legionfall part of the order hall campaign and the class mounts with most of my alts as a returning-to-legacy-content project during the next expansion — though Kam, my Mage, and my Rogue will probably manage do it during Legion.

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