Patch 7.2.5: Day One

“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”
Oscar Wilde

Patch 7.2.5: Day One

Today’s date: June 10, 2017.

Our newest patch will drop on Tuesday, the new Raid will be a week later.

So, what does it mean to us?

The official patch notes are posted on many sites. I like the version from Icy Veins because they offer jump links at the top. Go read your class and be thrilled or bummed.

I was very amused to visit the forums on class development. Clever posters have added a topic: “typo in patch notes” but when you click it; it is a snarky comment on the class changes! Pretty funny bait for the Devs.

Besides the numbing class changes, there is little to be noted for Day One. There are a bunch more Micro-Holidays in the future which look fun. There are 50 more Legendary pieces. For the most part, this patch looks like we are simply “moving right along” in the expansion, especially professions.

Of note to me is this nice toy for new leveling Alts:
Heirloom vendors now offer toy items that can be used to teach the flight paths of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to Azeroth’s adventurers.
This toy is a Day One thing, for sure.

I am cautious about the Chromie thing, I think we’ll be invited on Day One.

Black Temple … has the jury out. Every raid boss that I’ve faced, it took a few wipes to learn the fights. It is the first Time Walking Raid, will it be a hit or a miss? I see on the calendar that on Tuesday that the TW event is not BC, it is something else, maybe Cata. So, it’s not Day One.

Revisit your favorite Class Guides. They should be re-written to reflect the changes in the patch on Day One. I’m amused that most guide writers have dropped the Best in Slot listings because of all the variables, like the titanforged proc.

I use Curse Client which is now Twitch owned and so I now have “merged” and have a Twitch account. To which I twitch and bitch and vow to never use, I only want my addons updated (without a hitch!). Thank you very much.

If I counted right, I currently have 10 legendary pieces. The upgrade grind will be brutal. They say the design “is like 7.1” but we only had 2 pieces then. Expectations are that we’ll use any new drop at 970 until we can sort out all of our many pieces. We’ll be “ready for raiding” in about two months!

Again, the Devs have stated that they are expecting us to change our Legendary choices from boss to boss to boss. Begin your design strategy on Day One and make sure you are carrying all your extra pieces of gear in your bags for Tomb! Sorting gear is such a fun game, right?

5 thoughts on “Patch 7.2.5: Day One

  1. Thank you for summing up! Ive not had time to go through Patch Notes yet, wanted to wait till they were set in stone. Sometime next week I will.
    Oh, gosh, the patch is next week too? Oook. /Lives under rock apparently. OK then, lots to catch up.

    About Twitch. I hated that I had to merge and make a new account and what not, but I thought I was being odd, and stubborn and “anti-all new things”. What are your thoughts on it?

    Those Legendary upgrades, is it true we have to run Mythics to get the…those..items needed? I seem to vaguely recall reading that. Ah, I best get googling one of these days.

    The devs really said they expect us to change gear depending on the fight? What a strange turn to take…Contradicting the “simpleness” they try to encourage.

    Ok, I gotta read up. Thank you so much for the helpful link too 🙂


    • You can upgrade your legendary to 970 by collecting items in a bunch of ways; pvp, emissary caches, dungeon and raid bosses (don’t quote me) but it is most anything that you do.

      I found two lines that I’ll lift from the developers Q&A:
      Raid tuning isn’t done with specific legendary items in mind, just the power increase that comes from two legendary items.
      You should adjust Legendary items based on encounters .

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  2. I am declining the twitch merge. They can ask and give me plenty of reasons, but I will not. I may write something tomorrow about my thoughts on the upcoming war between the 3rd party sites for our clicks.

    As for patch notes. I needed all of 5 seconds to read the two entries. My Mind Bender now rewards 8 insanity, was 4. And Shadow Word Pain got a 10% boost. My 4 piece bonus, which I doubt I will even get, reduced an instant cast of Void Bolt time from 4 seconds down to 2.5. All in all I feel like the red headed step child sitting in the corner. For those that enjoy this designed play style, we are fine, although I read some data that if I parsed 95% that would be equal to a 50-75% performance for many other classes. I think they know there is a problem. But have dug in and committed themselves to the design, no matter how much of an Edsel it is.

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