Legendary Pieces: Decisions for Tomb

“The greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs whilst the world whirls as a maddening dreidel.”
Florence Nightingale

Legendary Pieces: Decisions for Tomb

Healer Edition

Stepping into the upcoming patch we have some tough decisions to make on how we will approach raiding in the Tomb of Sargeras. I imagine most raiding Druids have all ten of the Legendary pieces out already. I’d also guess that the drop-rate on the two new pieces will not be horrible.

Current choices:
Sephuz’s Secret (ring)
Tearstone of Elune (ring)
Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus (neck)
Velen’s Future Sight (trinket)
Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds (chest) – set bonus slot
The Dark Titan’s Advice (waist)
X’oni’s Caress (hands) – set bonus slot
Essence of Infusion (feet)
Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya (wrist)
Aman’Thul’s Wisdom (shoulders) – set bonus slot

7.2.5 pieces:
Soul of the Archdruid (ring)
Chameleon Song (head) – set bonus slot

Assumptions are deadly and can make you weak. My assumption is that we’ll want to keep our Nighthold four-piece bonus set and squeeze the new Tomb two-piece around it. Hopefully we have not only saved our extra bonus pieces but also have back up pieces for when we move around our Legendary pieces. As you can guess, it is complicated already and we have not even started to raid.

Since it will be a new raid, there will be hard choices on us as healers. Do we use our Legendary pieces that protect our tanks (lifebloom, bark) or ourselves (absorb shield, damage reduction) or stay with over-all maximum through-put (shoulders, trinket)?

Or, do we fine-tune for the individual fights? Swapping our gear and talents in anticipation of the encounter, for example. Will we need a lot of dispels? Is there very predictable big raid-wide damage? Does it punish the tanks? Is there constant over-all damage throughout the fight? We saw all of those things in Nighthold and can expect to see them again in ToS.

In the guides, we often see the Legendary pieces rated or weighed against the encounters. I have never seen a list of “good pairings”. With (soon-to-be) twelve pieces, the variations are staggering; if I could do math, I’d have a headache!

How well known is our 4% nerf? If, for example, we are to now ignore the idea of chart-topping; do we hunker down to ensure progression success? If that were the case, we’d really focus on keeping our tanks alive and let our over-all numbers plummet. That would be really depressing and almost ignore the role that we have as a raid-wide Heal over Time specialist. Yet, oddly, that would reflect the emphasis of our Tomb bonus-set which revolves around Swiftmend.

Talent choices are a huge factor as well. In general, my best advice is to find a talent set-up and get comfy and exploit what they offer. I’ve healed with enough Druids to know that there is no one solution and the numbers can be close. But, still, one can choose to focus the tank in talents and your numbers will be ugly. What if the tanks don’t even need all your love?

Finally, when do our choices become “meaningful”? In Nighthold, the first three bosses were fun but were downed on the first day. The next set of four were a major step-up in difficulty! Over thinking those first three bosses would have been foolish.

As you can see, I have a lot of questions. As healers we have a lot more than single-target vs AoE choices; our decisions made before each encounter will have a massive impact on the success of each fight.

Players, what will you do? Plot out your gear sets with the Outfitter? Or will you grab your two favorite Legendary pieces and expect the best?

3 thoughts on “Legendary Pieces: Decisions for Tomb

  1. Since I have few legendaries, I have nothing constructive to add, I guess, heh 🙂 But I can remember, with each new patch and raid, that as a restoration Druid it took me some weeks to …Is the expression to “acclimate to the new environment”, more or less. We shine when we know what happens in 10+ seconds, if I recall correctly, so we can prehot and get everything rolling when it needs to. I gues its still like that.

    I guess, as a serious raider, one has a bigger bunch of legendaries, and some are great for one fight where others are for, well another. I hear many still run with Prydaz for progression fights.

    Once the raid has “settled” I imagine it will flow better, with practice, except of just in theory.

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