Pre-Patch Day: 7.2.5

“Love is a dog from Hell”
Charles Bukowski

Pre-Patch Day 7.2.5

Tomorrow is the big patch, lets hope the game holds up and will run smoothly!

I am anticipating Raid Advice to post soon. I’m guessing the Potion of Old War will start to look wimpy compared to Potion of Prolonged Power, for example. Now is the time when our main stat will start to far out-strip the secondary stats in our power. PoPP is a boost to ALL stats.

Wowpedia has a list of undocumented changes already! Expect Reddit and Icy Veins to do the same tomorrow. That, for me, is part of the fun stuff in a new patch.

Me: Oh man, that Chromie thing looks way too involved and complicated!
My Guild Master: Oh, c’mon — you love this stuff!
Me: You are right, I do …

I only glanced over MMO Champ’s overview of The Deaths of Chromie Scenario but I sure did bookmark it! It looks involved, not exactly like Withered Training but it will probably fill that gap in our “time spent”.

Enjoying the lull in content, my Alts have gotten caught up quite nicely. Strutting along with my Nethershard gear levels, I completely overlooked the Relics! My non-raiding Alts could sure use those 880 relics in the weapons and I was instead playing with the different trinkets. Dang it!

Speaking of: all my Alts have the Cache Key quest on the Broken Shore, even if they’ve done little else. Holding on to 5000 is my new goal as I’ll need replacement gear when new Legendary pieces drop — and they will.

Historically, we “in the know” would look over patch notes and plan for changes. If we saw a bunch of Blacksmithing recipes on the horizon, we’d stock up on ore and then sell it on Patch Week and make a lot of gold. I’m guessing Tomes of the Tranquil Mind and the best Buff Foods and Potions and Flasks will sell very well when the Raid opens on the 20th. Gems too as players get new gear maybe? If you have been stockpiling herbs, keep an eye on the AH if prices sky-rocket briefly when the raid drops.

Making gold is an odd mini-game. I usually post “raid things” on Monday night. I usually post gear, pets and tmog stuff for the Weekend Warriors on Friday night.

Okay, buckle your seat belts and put on your safety helmet — the patch drops tomorrow morning!


One thought on “Pre-Patch Day: 7.2.5

  1. I can´t believe I never knew, that undocumented changes were just gathered like that – thank you for the link 🙂 There often is a lot in the official patch notes that is left out (Why!?), so its nice to check that out! Enjoy the new patch 🙂


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