Icy Veins vs Ask Mr Robot

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Icy Veins vs Ask Mr Robot

We have down time while the patch is loading today. Pleased to see that the guide sites had been updated, I took a look to see the future of my character. This stuff is important. Everyone should be informed on their class.

Up until today, Icy Veins had us loading up on Haste but now it is Mastery. Okay with me! The site also ranks the Legendary pieces and has a nice explanation for each. It seems that Velen’s trinket will be the best then the Shoulders or Waist. It feels like there is no clear best but how you might use each in practice.

Ask Mr Robot still wants Crit. They want us to use the Tearstone of Elune and the Wrists. The best in slot list only uses the two-piece bonus from T20, ignoring the four-piece. It has the Drape of Shame as best at ilevel 865! And, finally, the two trinkets from Nighthold (map and cake).

Clearly the two sites don’t agree. They have not agreed for this entire expansion.

I decided to check Feral Druid. They don’t agree on gem choices either. AMR’s BiS list uses the Nighthold trinkets too. This is crazy.

Both sites are using Simulators and getting different results. This is upsetting and fills me with doubt. I am not confident about what I’m doing even though time has been put into research from various sources.

And … things could change. There is a blue post about more tuning (especially for pvp) once they see things on live servers.

Note: We’re planning another round of class tuning for later in the week once we have more data from live realms; these are merely a first pass. Additionally, we plan to partially reduce the 7.2.5 nerf to Draught of Souls for Fury Warriors.

Candidly, I don’t know what to do. My decision is to go with Icy Veins and assume that AMR is way too finely tuned. It feels like I’m pushing the cart and pulling the horse.

I guess I can say that this is the mid-raid of the expansion and it doesn’t matter. End Game and min/max is months away in a different raid on Argus. That doesn’t feel good at all, welcome to patch 7.2.5.

2 thoughts on “Icy Veins vs Ask Mr Robot

  1. It is troubling that the game has become so dependent on players using 3rd party sites, even as far as Blizzard directing you to do so, and then they are not even in agreement.

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  2. I sat here, thinking the exact same thing as Marathal wrote. Gosh, remember, when all we had was intellect and spirit, and a little bit of spellpower, more or less..?

    “Pushing the cart and pulling the horse” is a very nice expression. I can see that makes sense; the end game and min/max being far away, but still, I imagine that its only natural wanting to know, what you have to count on in a new raid as well, despite it not being end game.

    I wish you luck on the patch day!

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