Narcissa’s Mirror: Test Results

“Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”.
The Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Narcissa’s Mirror: Test Results

Narcissa’s Mirror is a toy introduced to Legion and can be purchased with Pet Charms. At first glance, having a pet that looks like you might seem trivial and minor. As it turns out, there is a lot to be done and enjoyed.

Narcissa’s Mirror
Item Level 110
Binds when picked up
Use: Causes a companion pet to take on your appearance. (1 Hour Cooldown)
“A Highborne enchantress was so beloved of her own visage that she crafted a mirror that reflected her face for others.”

Vendor: Draemus
Zone: Dalaran
Cost: 1000

Since it is a mini-mirror image of you, there are way too many variations to really research with all of the classes of both genders to be variables. Look into this marvelous toy yourself.

The following is a partial list of ongoing testing. Please take some time on the Accessories List at the bottom of the page; that is where the real magic happens!

Flying Pets in General

  • Flying Pets, with only a few exceptions, seem to be fairly generic. Your body will float off the ground and when you travel, it is a swimming motion. Pretty fun stuff.

Bubbled Fish in General

  • All the bubbled fish have an expanded bubble because your mini-you is larger than the pet fish. You will have a swimming motion when you travel. See Accessories List.

Elwynn Lamb

  • I waited and waited for a Wolf to come eat me but no luck. Keep trying!


  • According to Warcraft Pets, “Occasionally spews liquid onto the player, applying a “Filthy” buff for 10 seconds which turns the player a brownish-green color.” I may not have waited long enough, I didn’t see this happen. Keep trying!


  • Warcraft Pets, “Occasionally summons a tornado that picks him up and whirls about.” Keep trying, this should be spectacular.

Fox Kit

  • The brief dance will be your own racial dance.

Feline Familiar

  • Very unique, your body will fly as if on a broom; with no broom.


  • This pet deserves Super Star status! It is very cool to see yourself take off and run in the air around your head. Warcraft pets: ”
    Idles about. Occasionally turns into a star, shoots up into the air, swirls above the player, and then falls back down.”


  • Yes, your character will bonk and psuedo-stun yourself and other players! And, you get a nice throwing motion betraying the perpetrator.

Darkmoon Zep, Darkmoon Tonk, Toy Train Set, Lil’ XT, Landro’s Lil’ XT

  • XT will demolish the Zep and Tonk! If you are in Narcissa’s Mirror guise, the fight will be very short. XT in Narcissa’s Mirror will sort of wind up and you’ll see a brief lightning bolt. XT will destroy the Toy Train Set which is a toy and has nothing to do with Narcissa’s Mirror. XT will have a line like “I guess he didn’t want to play”.


  • Yes, you and your friend can fight each other. You look like you are coming to blows with fists swinging but it is very brief. Each must be using the fuel, one red and one blue. It IS pretty funny.


  • This is a fantastic pet/toy combination. Warcraft Pets says, “Targeting Brightpaw and emoting /dance will cause her to dance. Emoting /sit while targeting it will cause it to walk over, jump onto your lap and lie down. This pet will sit on top of a summoned Pilfered Sweeper toy.” Soon I will show you a screen cap of my Brighpaw-as-stag-form riding on top of the Pilfered Sweeper toy (from the key cache WQ on the Broken Shore). Animation: “Yawns, sits, and lies down. Occasionally dashes around very quickly.”

Plump Turkey

  • Put down a cooking fire and yes, your mini-you will leap into the fire. As you reach the fire, you quickly see the actual turkey and then … die.

Tiny Snowman

  • The poor guy melted too fast for me to apply the toy effect.

Blossoming Ancient

  • One would hope for the ray of sunshine but all I saw was the pile of petals at the feet.

Argent Squire

  • If you have the Pony Up achievement, you have a mount when traveling on the ground. And you can have him carry your capital city banner. When using the Magical Pet Biscuit, the mount does not get bigger and that, my friends, is visual gold.

Disgusting Oozeling

  • You and your friend will both be green. Totally unique in the World of Warcraft.

Stinker and the Bombay Cat or Calico Cat or Feline Familiar

  • Some may argue that this is the best use of Narcissa’s Mirror! It used to work in raids and then it did not. I expect Blizzard to fix this asap. Warcraft Pets says, “Falls in love with and chases Bombay Cat, Black Tabby Cat, Calico Cat, or a Feline Familiar.” As ever, it always ends with a broken heart and then a frest start!


  • I went to Suramar and put on the masquerade. Then used Narcissa’s Mirror and a Magical Pet Biscuit. Then ported back to Dalaran. This was a crazy eye-catching pet/toy combination. BONE STORM!


  • Even without the toy, Egbert is a great pet. He takes off running and comes back.

Blue or Gold Mini Jouster

  • I can’t describe this odd pet. I’ll post a screenshot. It seems to be a jousting teddy bear with X’s for eyes … on your head.

Accessories List
Toy: Leather Pet Bed

  • This is pretty fun. Your pet will head straight over and fall asleep. This will be your own race and gender’s sleeping animation. In the Druid Tree Form, you’ll go over to the bed and sort of collapse down on yourself, just as you do when you /sleep in tree form.

Toy: Leather Pet Leash

  • Much fun. Using the leash on a bubbled fish pet under the effects of the Magical Pet Biscuit will attract some attention!

Toy: Flaming Hoop

  • Put this toy on your Action Bar. It is so great to use over and over again. Your mini version of yourself will try to jump through the hoop, sometimes catch fire and go racing away! If you have used the Magical Pet Biscuit, the giant version of yourself will leap OVER the hoop, he is too big to fit. A must for all pet lovers.

Happy Pet Snack

  • Puts a heart over the head of your pet.

Pet Grooming Kit

  • Sparkles!

Magical Pet Biscuit

  • This might be the item that really makes Narcissa’s Mirror shine. It doubles the size of your pet. A bubbled fish is huge! You have got to try it all all of your pets. Chances are you have some in your bags or your Alts bags, they are account-bound. They can be purchased with Pet Charms and with Timeless Coins (of which I have a LOT but the vendor seems to be timeless too and I have yet to see him when he is on the Timeless Isle).


  • You will have to experiment with Transformations. Some will reflect your transformation (usually via a toy) and some will not. I got shot by the Silver Plated Turkey Shooter and could mirror my pet to that turkey. If there is a rule set, I have not figured it out.
  • All Shapeshifting forms work except flight form (you are pacified). Having a fellow swim form is great for underwater exploration.
  • In general, if your character does not have the animations then they won’t happen. The Pandaren Monk has all those karate chops but your mini-you just stands there. Same with Lil Ragnaros and Tideskipper and the Sister of Temptation, unique animations are ignored.
  • Narcissa’s Mirror might be best used in places where you’ll stick around for a while like Dalaran or a Raid.
  • You can hearth and the toy will persist with the travel and some ports like from the Dreamgrove to Dalaran will work. From Dalaran to Iron Forge will not. I don’t know all of the rules and don’t worry too much about it.
  • Find your own Killer Combination! My all time favorite is kitty form with Fandarel’s Seed Pouch on Stardust with the Magical Pet Biscuit.

Outstanding! We have so many pets. Some have glowy auras like the Forest Sproutling or Pierre. Have some fun with this amazing toy in your adventures in Azeroth!

And … here is that screen cap of the mini jouster. Too strange to even describe.


11 thoughts on “Narcissa’s Mirror: Test Results

  1. I had Abyssius out last night and noticed that he had an animation that caused him to shatter into rubble and then reform. I tried the Narcissas Mirror to see if a mini me would shatter but it didn’t :(.

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  2. Oh, you read my mind with this post, I was hoping for something in depth from you on that Mirror toy 🙂
    Can’t wait to start trying myself. Thank you!

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  3. The best thing I’ve found to do is use the Goren Garb toy, then Narcissa’s Mirror that onto Boneshard and use a magical pet biscuit on him. The spin the goren does when he bonestorms is amazing.

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