The Reluctant Priest

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
Charles Bukowski

The Reluctant Priest

After nine months of one pet battle a day (Ashlei!), my Holy Priest dinged 110. At around 103, she had gone to get the Artifact Weapon and to open the class hall; it is beautiful and very (very) different than the Dreamgrove or Trueshot Lodge.

Of course, now I want to do the campaign to see that story and to get my class mount.

It should be a fun, relaxed adventure. Knowing that the key to quick progress is the Broken Shore, I tried the invasion on the beach. Easy enough until I got on the ship. With 720 gear from last summer’s Invasions, I did not have to fire power to down the mobs and set the explosives. Fair enough!

Needing gear, I did the weekly world boss and got 30 million AP. The bonus roll failed and I got 20 million more. Okay, my weapon was full and I needed to open up it’s new traits. But, I needed to do the initial invasion to open that up! Two Assaults later, I got a bunch of 850 gear. Enough to make me 820 and now I can set the bombs on the ship. Everything is now opened up and I can do the campaign.

I had pushed some to get the Legendary Follower piece with the Command Center up. It doesn’t happen often. Eventually my new tender followers will have an open slot for this piece.

Yay, new adventures in Legion!

Now my Reluctant Paladin is parked over at Ashlei …

5 thoughts on “The Reluctant Priest

  1. How cool, I had no idea one could actually level that way by just doing Pet Battles 🙂
    Ashlei, why – is that a particular good one, or?

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    • There is one called Doodles who has no offensive spell, so you can insert a low level pet. The Mechanical Dragonling is the pet I use to down the first one, Doodles comes in; a one turn swap to my lowbie, then back to the Dragon to finish the fight.
      I simply leave my Alt at the spot and visit once a day.

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  2. Just wanted to say, thank you! Gosh, you made my pets life so much easier! These last days, I almost solo this with a dragon mechanical thingy pet, and have two pets that just ding and ding 😀 Fantastic 🙂

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