Argus Dreamed

“What fresh hell is this?”
Dorothy Parker

Argus Dreamed

During Cataclysm I made a new mage alt named Argusdreamed. It is kind of fun to see Argus such a big thing in current content.

The new information on the next patch, I found it on MMO Champs, looks about right. A new zone, new world bosses, a dungeon, a raid, no flying and “new areas with sandbox elements”.

The clue to what a sandbox is that they are comparing it to the Timeless Isle and Thunder Isle. I don’t know what a sandbox is really, I guess it is designer lingo. The sandbox in my park has sand and cat poop. My main has 100,000 Timeless Isle coins right now.

They say that they are updating professions (with a hint at epic gems). I see a new herb, Astral Glory and a new ore, Empyrium. Fighting my way, mob-by-mob on the ground was never fun; try not to get too depressed.

The final wing of ToS opens August 8th. I don’t know if we’ll see Argus before Blizzcon or not. I’d hope we’d go to Argus two weeks before and that they’d announce the next expansion. September will be one year on the Broken Shore, right? It feels like Argus will be the final patch but maybe not!

They’ve kept us busy in this expansion. I hope that they continue to make things that require no new art. Watcherdev said that the single thing that slows down new content is the Art Department, which is right and good. Watcherdev said that a couple of guys on a weekend and a whim made the Brawlers Guild. Easily done because they used existing art and all the animations that come along with it. Very successful!

The pet battle dungeons needed no new art. I hope that it is successful because I think we need a lot more things like Pet Dungeons and Brawlers Guild. The three man Scenarios in Pandaria were fun, maybe they can go back to that. Invasions and Assaults seem to be existing art as well.

Keep No New Art projects coming! It adds so much flavor to the game and keeps the restless players engaged.

What kind of projects can you imagine that requires no art?

8 thoughts on “Argus Dreamed

  1. I see that other planet that will remain nameless, as using a great deal of Art and things from Tannan Jungle. Specifically the part up the hill where all the demons were. That was very punishing to me. I may find myself not doing a great deal because I don’t like to die.

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  2. You provide great insight for me, who just want an overview of the “what to expect” things, so thank you so much.
    I’m not quite there yet, still so “7.2.5-busy”, so 7.3 is not something I can grasp right now!

    And I was not aware of the art-requirement-situation – I agree.

    Hah on the sandbox comment, it actually is a peculiar expression.

    Do they normally announce an expansion a year after an existing expansion have been released? Well give or take a few months?

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