Azeroth: Out and About

“You mustn’t underestimate an audience’s intelligence.”
Marvin Hamlisch

Azeroth: Out and About

Lots of little things to talk about today.

Like Z is for Zeirah I am using and upgrading to 970 (finally) the Legendary neck piece and trinket. My healing numbers feel low compared to other healers but I feel that I am solid. Displacer Beast and Dash are very good in ToS with it’s insistence on movement.

I have not been lucky on boss drops at all. I think I got a small upgrade in a Relic slot this week. I watch with envy as others tout their success. It’ll happen, we’ll be in this raid for a long time.

I’m selling stacks of five of Tome of Talent Change for 850 gold and Vantus: ToS for 8000 gold. It is early in raiding and I’m enjoying some extra cash. I’ve thought about selling Lavish Feast on the AH. Each realm has it’s own Auction House and prices.

Following Alunaria’s blog is a pleasure. I’m thinking that the crazy hard Celestial Tournament that I did during Mists really paid off in having the more exotic pets needed today. I wonder if she has Chrominus yet — the one-two punch is pretty strong but so is the spell that gives back health (I’ll bet it is called Ravage) when you are chaining and leveling pets.

Pet with Decoy, insert low pet, use Chrominus with the finish move to get health back — over and over! Say … in the Singing Marshes.

They need to fix the Druid Bodyguard. He can’t morph into flying mode. He constantly is spamming the noise used when morphing. It is annoying beyond belief when herbing. Please fix soon!

A lot of talk in raid chat last night about 7.3. C’mon now, we have this mission, right here, right now. It is clobbering time in ToS!

Happy hunting and may all your hits … be crits!

One thought on “Azeroth: Out and About

  1. Oh, glad to haer Displacer Beast and Dash still have great use. Favorite spells of mine too.

    Getting an upgrade is always great, but I really do like it when its a Relic as well. In time πŸ™‚
    I’m not even sure what Vantus is../Blush. /Googles!

    Aw, you are very considerate, so glad to hear you like it over at my Avenue πŸ˜‰ Oh, I do have Chrominus, just got it last week! I did not quite grasp why it’s so powerful, so thank you for highlighting that. Chrominus is next iin line to be levelled in the pet battle daily in Shadowmoon Valley (WoD) πŸ™‚

    Urgh, I KNOW! How long can our Champions as Bodyguard be so bugged out? So annoying ._.

    I am so with you on that; Let’s live in 7.2.5 first. Why such hype for something like 7.3 already. Some people today just can’t “settle down and relax” for one moment where they currently are.

    You too, lots of luck πŸ™‚


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