Tools of the Trade

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
Mark Twain

Tools of the Trade

I was on my Alchemist and facing a 112 Elite. Alone.

My first thought was, “Why am I all alone? This is a World Quest, there should be lots of players. Shouldn’t they dial the Cross Realm Zone feature up a little bit?”

My second thought was, “I am a freaking Alchemist, why don’t I have a flask up?”

Which led to, “I have cooking, why don’t eat my buff food?”

I try to be a player who plays the game as presented. If we have buff foods in the game, the intention is surely that we should use them. Of course, I would play with toys, ride different mounts, show off my pets and … flask, pot and buff. Part of the game design, I should be doing that as it is the game I am playing. Transmog!

During Cataclysm, I’d farm leather in Deepholm. In preparation, I’d eat buff foods, flask up, use the Drums of the Forgotten Kings and be as efficient as possible. I’d use the food buff as a timer to know when one hour was up because enough is enough. Because of this, I’d get (maybe) 20% more leather for my effort.

If I’m going to do it, I want to do it well.

We have two “utility” foods. One gives you a speed buff after a kill and the other restores all of your health after a kill. These are cheap and abundant. I don’t think of them as novelty items but as practical items and wonder why it is not part of my routine as a player. I am determined to re-weave this into my game play.

Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths make items to facilitate your travels and gathering. Some are moot because we can fly but, I’ll remind you, we can not fly in Argus!

My Alchemist can make five utility potions that I have not even looked at. I am embarrassed to report this!

The Heroism Drums, all my characters have a stack of 20. I have so much leather from WoD that I can make rows and rows of this item. These are meant to be used, why not on a 112 Elite? I can even hear the scoff, “lol, drums?” as if I’m a pussy for using the tools at hand.

Our Tools of the Trade are cheap and plentiful. They are not precious in the least. Stacks of raw materials sit in our bags, cook up some goodies!

I’ll ask a question. Is the effort too great to change Legendary pieces and Talents when doing your emissary runs from your max-dps set up for raiding? You’ll probably be questing for more hours than raiding, methinks!

I will say there is one drawback. I was with a friend in Firelands. We both had the speed-buff-food-after-a-kill. She got the first shot off and laughed and laughed as she wiped out the zone while I toddled along behind!

I need to look over my professions with an eye at utility. These are not novelty items, they make our game play faster, strong and fun.

4 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. I should get better at “buffing up” too. I have tried to search for an AddOn to remind me, even :p I have that thing, bought with Nethershards, the adds a buff that is like what, half a flask effect or something? Maybe its like one of those runes..I cannot recall. But that’s about it. Obviously I am casual, but still. In the Mage Tower Challenge I used everything I could, drums, foodbuff, runes, extra buffs, and potions.

    I miss those days. But surely all of that is still being used in raids, and makes a difference still, right?

    Fighter Chow, those are awesome, now I think about it O.o /Lives under a rock, as usual

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