Topic 21: What’s in your Bags?

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”
Oscar Wilde

Topic 21: What’s in your Bags?

Z and Cinder’s blog challenge is What’s in your bags? with the condition that you don’t get to send in the maid before the guests arrive.

I happen to think I’m fairly organized. One must acknowledge evolution because after some years, one’s eyes automatically look to a certain spot for, say, buff foods or hearthstones. This may not seem “organized” to a viewer but those choices have arrived over time.

I’ve cropped each bag to that we can talk about it, as that is the challenge I think.

There is a gentle kindness to this challenge because we’ll look at my Main. Otherwise we’d be digging through my Alt Army and see that I have over 3000 Pet Charms.

Insert Charming pic.


Of note; Lavish Feast, Tome of Talent Change, Buff Food and Augment Rune for raiding.

That leaf is this item from the Tiller’s that gives you a flower on your dead body!

And some body guard gear as I shift and refine my choices.

Insert Bag 1 Pic.


Next bag has some permanent need stuff: port to my garrison docks, mana hunting stone, bird whistle and the bomb you can buy for nethershards.

Several trinkets I swap depending on the fight in the raid.

Elderstones to highlight the Spirit Caudron in a raid.

And … those beacon callers. I might be able to delete those! Thank you Z and Cinder!
Insert Bag 2 Pic


This bag isn’t even interesting! The only thing of note is the Direbrew Remote.

Insert Bag 3 Pic


Shroud of Portal to Stormwind.
80 Biscuit for Narissa’s Mirror/big pet combinations.
Spirit Cauldrons
And that portal thing for Aszuma — I need two more to finish the Achievement.

Insert Bag 4 Pic


The Backpack should never have an empty slot.

All the artifact spec weapons, hearthstones, Kirin Tor ring, Jiana’s Locket, Swapblaster, Jeeves and Scrapbots.

Flasks and Drums and a Legendary Ring if I need to change that for a boss fight.

Insert Bag 5 Pic


And that is that!

I hope you enjoy my response to Z and Cinder’s Challenge.

Insert “omg Wrath pic” here!


10 thoughts on “Topic 21: What’s in your Bags?

  1. Um. I’ll take a stone or two (pet). LOL. I use mine the second I get them! I read a theory on WoWhead that the Direbrew Remote actually takes you right PAST the Grim Guzzler these days, so no good if you need Dire Brew – do you have any first hand insights?

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  2. Ok. Now I am back. I try again. Nope, 3000 Pet Charms! Arrrrr… :p

    Thanks for sharing 😉

    Body guard gear?

    Elder Stones to highlight things, that is such a great idea in raids!

    Portal thing for Aszuma…what? /Googles.

    Hah, those beacons. I used all mine not long ago, just spammed them – those farming Nethershards appeared grateful 🙂

    Aw, that Direbrew Remote..I have that on my other Druid.

    No Bag AddOns? Cool, me neither!


  3. I am in awe of your pet charms and pet stones. Ooh, I need to get rid of my beacons too. I just passed over them because they are shiny when going through my own bags.

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