An Adventurer in Azeroth

“I allowed silence to accumulate while I got my impressiveness together.”
― Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

An Adventure in Azeroth

In the recent interview with the Devs, noted by MMO Champs, the Dev makes the following statement:

Players often say they miss being a humble adventurer, rather than being a hero and champion. The story has advanced beyond that. When you are Level 90 or 100, you aren’t just a faceless person anymore. You have defeated Onyxia, defeated the Lich King, defeated other great threats to the world, so you are becoming a peer to other heroes like Thrall, Jaina, and Varian. As we get stronger, the threats we face get stronger. At the same time, the team tries to keep in mind relative power scales. When we took on Deathwing, we had the assistance of the dragon aspects to make it a fair fight.

Oddly, they are absolutely right.

When I read that, I flashed back to my months in Tanaris. During Burning Crusade, lost and without a clue of how to play a hunter and having a great time. Those are really good memories of the World of Warcraft.

But, I grew up. During Wrath of the Lich King, I thought of myself as a mercenary. You’ll pay me to go kill this guy and I can loot his body? Count me in. It was partially because I didn’t know the story or how to play with others. I had to get past all of that.

Now, I’m titled in many ways. I have killed the great threats to our world. We learned to play with others and, happily, got tools to help us join others in a common cause. I am a hero of Azeroth and it is good to get to know you too.

I have a bit of a swagger.

I really wanted a parade in Stormwind after Warlords of Draenor. It really did feel like a small band of us heroes in a strange land with a very odd goal. I wanted to return to cheers, a parade and a caravan behind me of spoils and treasures looted from that alien land. Maybe dragging Supreme Lord Kazzak’s body through the streets to dump as a trophy at King Varian’s feet.

I should be recognized by the NPCs in Outland and Pandaria, I saved the day! I saved THEM from sure destruction. When I return, they should wave and, even a modest cheer would be appropriate; nothing too heavy-handed. I am a modest humble hero … right?

My sense of “humble adventurer” is now felt in the mini-games. I am no Hero of the Pet Battles or Lord of the Fishing Pools or Master Grinder of the Dreamleaf. No, I am just another player dinking about Azeroth and poking my nose into caves and looking behind waterfalls. For fun!

2 thoughts on “An Adventurer in Azeroth

  1. Being selected as Arch Druid in Legionnever really “settled” with me in some ways.

    I guess I too want to be a humble adventurer. I liked going into a zone such as Duskwood and be met with a “oh a stranger passing by, will you help us before you depart?” sort of.
    Instead of a “Oh its Alunaria; all bow to her!”

    Hah, Master Grinder of the Dreamleaf. That should be a titel in game.

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