The WoW Age

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”
George Orwell

The WoW Age

I am of (my sole) opinion that civilization has not caught up to the technological advances earned by the human race. I don’t think that we have absorbed the Industrial Revolution! Let us suggest that the IR began in 1850 with the steam engine powering huge trains across continents and again suggest that by 1950 we knew, as a civilization, that we could feed, clothe and house the entire world.

That wily George Orwell spelled out the strategy for governments to keep the masses at bay or suppressed, whichever word you like. His solution was to keep everyone making things that are perishable (like bullets and gaming mouses) so people would have to constantly continue to make them. Instead of building dams, roads, housing, bridges to make the world a much better place, the people would be in an endless cycle. This strategy has worked great by keeping the masses at poverty level, people like you and me.

Orwell’s thought was that if everyone was fat and happy then they’d question the deeds of the government (like, why the fuck are we at war with everyone?). We should be at the position that if you don’t want to have a job, that is okay. Our world is groaning with resources. If your immediate answer is, “I have to eat”, know that today and every single day that we throw away 1/3 of our food world wide. That is a lot of food in the trash can and not making it to my table.

It is hard for our civilization to grasp that we have a ton of leisure time. Sure, you can look at the Modern Era and see millions of poets, writers, artists, youtubers, bloggers, gamers, activists, hikers, photographers, musicians and conclude that we are, at least, keeping busy. Few are worn out from a day in the fields, we have machines!

The philosophers call them Ages. The Industrial Age, the Space Age, the Information Age and so on. Personally, I am expecting a world-wide collective “step back” from our current use of technology as we see how vulnerable we are from embracing every bit of new technology and see the masses get exploited by criminals. The paper-thin veneer of safety in a password seems like a cruel promise now.

Nonetheless, with the advances of technology, some things can not really be acceptable in our lives. I think security as been a global embarrassment and a very costly one.

I am agitated, astonished and irritated that we accept long screen loads in WoW. It blows game momentum to the winds. How is that Lag is an issue for any game, where you click a spell and simply stand in casting stance and doing nothing? Google doesn’t shut down for a re-set, why do I have to not play my game while Blizzard works behind the scenes?

We should be able to play WoW on a laptop in Kingman, Arizona at the Best Western motel and expect a good speedy game response and not have fear of riding on an unknown WiFi source. This stuff could have been solved decades ago.

Why do I have to replace my gaming mouse once a year? I am aware of planned obsolescence and honestly feel that it is an Orwellian trap.

We know that our world could be a better place. The Big Issues could have been solved 75 years ago, or at least started then; but we have not. There are bright spots, for sure; solar and alternative energy is moving faster than anyone predicted quickly becoming a more practical choice than coal.

Really though, I just want my screen to load seamlessly. I want a single click to be meaningful.

2 thoughts on “The WoW Age

  1. Great post – Thank you for making me think about all of this; I was not even aware of some of it at all.
    No wonder my mouse has to be replaced once a year too…I was beginning to wonder why it would not hold ground too.

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