Set of Matches Macro’d

“A thought often makes us hotter than a fire.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Set of Matches Macro’d

This is a new toy from the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Set of Matches
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
Use: Set yourself on fire! For reasons! (30 Min Cooldown)
“Don’t play with these…”

Vendor: Midsummer Merchant
Cost: 500

The toy will set you on fire and you will run, screaming, in a panic.

But … what if it were your worse day ever?

#showtooltip Set of Matches
/cast Copy of Daglop's Contract
/cast Darkmoon Whistle
/cast Pendant of the Scarab Storm
/cast Angry Beehive
/cast Set of Matches

How about a demon on your back, bugs chasing you and a beehive on your head? And, a loud whistle that makes every startle and be annoyed? Yes, that would be the worse day ever!

Copy of Daglop’s Contract – 2 hour cooldown
Angry Beehive – 1 hour cooldown
Darkmoon Whistle – 5 minute cooldown
Pendant of the Scarab Storm – 5 minute cooldown

Of course, many toys could be fun. I liked the puppy crate and the blazing wings too.

Adopted Puppy Crate – 1 hour cooldown
Blazing Wings – 30 minute cooldown

Make a macro, drag it to your action bar and have some fun! You will be noticed, I promise.

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